Eindhoven or Amsterdam?

Discussion in 'Netherlands' started by sscoobeydoobey, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. sscoobeydoobey

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    Hey All. Ive been to Amsterdam a few times(Thoroughly enjoyed it). Last time I was there I flew into Eindhoven ( I love Ryanair as the Cheep Flights, It cost me 20Euro return from Dublin). Ive just booked again with Ryanair (same price) to Eindhoven. This Time however I think I will stay in Eindhoven for my Duration. Can anybody tell me what its like and some advise on where to go there. Especially the Coffee shops,or am I better off getting on the bus and travelling to Amsterdam.
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    HERE is a list of Eindhoven shops.
  3. sscoobeydoobey

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    Thanks for the site I check these places out. Can some one please tell me about what Eindhoven is like for a tourist

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