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Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by khronik, Jun 25, 2007.

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    I don't know if they make 150-watt conversion bulbs, but you can use your hps for vegetation if you want. You can also just buy a few 6500K CFL bulbs and use those.
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    These lights appear to be designed for industrial lighting, not horticultural lighting, and thus they will have a lot more green light in their spectrum than you need... well, i'll answer your question in the other thread.
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    dude its 130.00 dollars for a 400 w mh 160.00 for mh look around on the net. deals are
    out there. you have to look. 400.00 for a light is way to much.
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    I just scooped me up your lighting system, I will update on how they work!
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    Is there some way to get people to look at this thread before asking lighting questions?
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    Thanks! And good looking out!
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    Dude, that's a hella long quote just to say thanks. But what the hell, scrolling aint' hard. I need some advice. Please bear with me. I've got a little 2 plant cabinet micro-grow going in my closet. I veg using 5-6 "daylights" that work great in veg and I might even increase the number of "cools". I have been lucky enough so in two grows, 1 plant was female each time. I flower using 3-5 warm CFLs but heat becomes an issue so sometimes I have turn off all but 2 of 'em. I use 3 fans but it still gets hot. I'm only yielding maybe 1-1.5 oz. per plant. I bought one of those 150W security lamps from Lowe's, but haven't hooked it up. Mostly because of all the construction work involved to support it and vent it, suckers heavy too. But mostly the work venting that bad boy would be the lions share of the work. My plan is to use the reflector from my clamp light as a kind of hood, place that over the light and then hook up a inline fan with one end duck taped to that reflector (hood) and the other end to an outside vend. Blowing most of the heat out. Another construction hassle is cutting through a plaster board wall to get to an outside air vent. I'm not so sure the hassle of the construction is worth the extra yield though. I'm just a private, stealthy grower and can deal with the lower yields. Smell's no big issue, I live on 5 acres out in the sticks. My questions revolve around the work. Does anyone think that plan will work? Do you think it's worth the hassle? Has anybody got a better idea? Does 150W HPS really need it's own vent?
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    good lookin out khronic great post
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    Well I am putting together my first setup and I was thinking about getting a T5 setup, its New Wave T5 2 Ft - 8 Lamp - 16000 Lumens, Measures 21.3" x 22.8" x 3-1/2" THINK I should go for it
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    Quick Question I am going with a t5 setup cause its cost effective right now, i was wondering if there is a need to get different color bulbs or should i be fine..

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    I'm a little confused as to why u said 23 to 37 watts, but then go on to say DO NOT USE more then 30 watt bulbs?
    Besides that, IT SOUNDS like a good setup for my first grow, Imma go out next week and get all that stuff. Now I just need to know where to get GOOD, REAL THC seeds from?, If you know anywhere(to get seeds), that would be great. THANX for the info:pimp:

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    TO: Psteve
    I like that 8 bulb get up, that is really inventive. I think I might have to take your idea. Do u think I could grow 2 plants from that? Or just stick w/ the 1 plant?
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    8 bulbs = 200 Watts = about 3 square feet of plant canopy. About 18" by 18".
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    How safe is it to order off eBay?
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    so I'm planning on building the lighting system posted earlier with the 3 Y adapters. I'm curious as to how many plants I will be able to grow with this set up. This will be my first grow and I want to keep it relatively simple. I'm considering getting some feminized seeds and growing like 5 or 6 plants. Will I need anymore light than this or will one setup of four bulbs be sufficient?
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    It may even be listed in this great post (I didn't want to go through the entire thing again :jointsmile:) but it's all about lumens per square foot. You want to calculate the area that your plants canopy will be able to occupy... then figure out how many combined lumens you are pushing (this means USABLE lumens, so your lights need to be the correct distance away to maximize potential).

    Then divide your total lumens by your area = lumens/sq. foot

    I think around 2,000 is the minimum suggested for actual growth... then as you increase, your potential will increase. Once you go above 6,000 you are pretty much in the vigorous growth range. It's all relative though. You have to make sure you can manage heat as you increase the total amount of lights. So you want the maximum lumens/sq. foot... as long as your temperatures are under control. Some people have to sacrifice some lumens for better climate conditions.
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    good info khronik. the high tech garden supply has also has good deals on the HPS/MH lights as well. be careful and read the item descriptions on ebay. a lot of the systems they sell come with refurbished ballasts and you can usually upgrade for around $20.


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