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    If you're in a small space and you're having problems with heat issues with CFLs, I wouldn't use any sort of HID. It's a lot of work for a small gain...you won't get that much more light or flower growth.

    8 23-26 watt CFLs will give you around 13000-14000 lumens. Anything over 5000 lumens per sq. ft. will give you good growth. So that's about 2.7 square feet. 18" x 18" is 2.25 square feet. I'd say you either grow 2 medium-good sized plants with each 4 bulb light over a plant, or (maybe) 3-4 smaller plants. Depends on how you arrange the lights, what strain you want to grow, if you're doing LST, etc.
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    I have 2x 42w cfls with 2x 23w cfls in my closet with a fan ON 24/7 and it'S kinda hot in there...between 82-85f in daytime.

    So i'll forgot HPS system but i'll pack all the cfls i can with the room I have!

    My grow space is about 3 feet wide by 6 feet in lenght by 5 feet in height. For 2 plants of 9 and 10 days old in 1.5 Gal. pots

    DAMN! I want a freaking camera to get pics of them!!!
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    hi my name is mj im kinda new to this . we are using florescent lighting and have a pretty good idea on this step of the process. my question is when you put them out into a natural environment is there any special budding formula or plant food that will make buds fuller and tighter?
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    so will this grow setup work for just starting out seedlings that have been germinated??
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    like the idea of the cfl set up...Currently guiding by Jorge Cervantes MedMaj Horticulture FIRST TIMER.. my idea was a 42x24x60 tent. Questions:
    -going with a t5 setup (not sure how many bulbs yet)
    suggestions would be great
    -t5's will be too week for flowering ? (suggestions would be great!)
    -how many plants (pots) could fit in this space?
    -looking to try short plants (time period???? yeild isn't important at this moment)
    -currently not using choice seeds. (how much of a problem with this be?)
    hopefully i can post pics of progress on any suggestions! it's a tall order of questions i know. but any info helps
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    how do i make a new thread i have questions about my plants
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    Press the "New Thread" button on the section you want to post in, should be on the left above all the other threads...
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    this sticky needs to be updated with some info about the PULSE START METAL HALIDES now available. the bulbs are not compatible with older MH ballasts .
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    With respect to CFL lighting,

    Compact Fluorescent CFL Grow Light Bulbs: Express Light Bulbs

    These are easily purchased at Home Depot etc. They are an effective, energy-savings means of indoor lighting IMHO. I've been using them for several years...with much success.:Rasta:
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    Well this information is 3 years old. LED lightning is up to par now.
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    Is it? still much tweaking going on and debating to do. will the price EVER drop?
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    This is my first attempt to grow. I have 2 three Y adapter setup with 8 daylight 27w cfls. The k's are 5000k each and i'm going to have them on a 18/6 cycle. Is there anything else I need for now?
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    that should work well enough for the first 3-4 weeks of vegging
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    Here is a quality, super easy, and inexpensive way to get started growing.

    Build your own Jump Start T12 Grow Light System for $75!!!!


    * 1 Hydrofarm Jump Start Stand (24' Inch) - $24.00

    * 1 Hydrofarm 2-tube Fluorescent Light Fixture (24' Inch) - $25.00

    * 2 Agrosun Full Spectrum T12 Fluorescent light-tubes (24' Inch) - $28.00

    Here is a look at mine....

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    look in the clearance section

    i scored some 50wt 4050 lumens hps outdoor security lights at home depot for 10.00$ apiece ...the replacement bulbs are 27.00$ ! read all you can in these forums. and be on the lookout for bargains . i would rather have a bunch of 50 watters than one 400 watt. just my super nub opinion
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    This thread needs to be updated with some good PP-L fluorescent light info. These lights move the the yard stick forward. I am going to ask the PP-L brainiacs to outline the following:

    1. General Discussion
    A brief comparison with standard CFLs and fluorescent bulbs/fixtures, the pros and cons of PP-L lighting, different bulb wattages, lengths, and outputs. Most of this can be lifted from the GC article referenced below

    2. PP-L Fixture Construction (the meat and potatoes of this thing)
    It appears that although there are some out of the box solutions, they over priced as usual. Given that the parts are readily available for anyone with a bit of DIY gumption should be able to build one for just a few $$.

    Needed is an outline of how to build a fixture - ballast requirements, fixture requirements, etc.

    3. Examples / proof of concept

    Here is a link to a good write up that I found on GC (can't stand the site users but some good info there): For Beginner's Lighting Info / PP-L and here is a link to one of US pre-built distributors: 36 or 55 watt Bright Kits for some background info.

    Anyone interested in working on this?
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    Thank you bigspy, that was a good reading on GC.

    I was planning to make a simple guide about them with (or after) my next grow with a better stable fixture and some training. Right now they're on a test run and they're good to go I think :)
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    I'm looking to redo my mother / clone cab and I'm looking at doing PP-Ls. Perhaps I could document my build with your help? Just a thought. My other thought is to just buy them ready built but that seems too easy...
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