EMERGENCY - I need to get high without smoke and/or sugar (details inside)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Crystalline Green, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Crystalline Green

    Crystalline Green Registered+

    I have a rare disorder known as Hypoadrenia, which disallows me to have sugar of any kind (even fruit) or smoke. They cause my endocrine system too much harm. (although it is healing and getting much better, I should be fully recovered and normal by mid-Summer)

    So my question is... I really need to get high right now. And I can't smoke, and I can't make brownies or any type of sugar dessert, and I want to get high like, NOW.. without waiting.

    Could I just boil the weed in some water for around 20 minutes and drink the water? Or boil it in butter, since I remember hearing something about marijuana needing fat to digest into your system or something?

    P.S. I normally would have posted this in the Recipes section, but this is a deathly emergency. Thanks for your patience!
  2. SaucyBlunt

    SaucyBlunt Registered

    Boil it in water and you can make tea out of it, as long as you get the general temperature up high enough to release the THC it doesn't matter. You can also toss a bud in the microwave for 30 seconds or so and eat it, works the same way.
  3. slightlystoopid27

    slightlystoopid27 Registered+

    boiling in just water wont work u can make butter out of it or a tea by boiling it with milk or u can extract the thc with alchohaul.
  4. ToDrunkToFish

    ToDrunkToFish Registered+

    Umm please. Dont. Put it in the microwave. I say do butter. You can put it on Toast. Or a cake or brownie. Do they really need sugar? It may taste weird but at least you got a cake type thing with the butter. Just dont add sugar. Shouldnt be too bad eh?
  5. Metaphor

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    break up your weed take a slice of cheese and fold it over, so its like a weed sandwich...(with cheese for bread) then microwave it for 30 seconds to a minute and eat it up when its nice & hot. The cheese gets really hot so be careful tho.
  6. SaucyBlunt

    SaucyBlunt Registered

    Ya don't make it into tea, I'm real fucked up right now haha -- THC isn't water soluble. Microwaving it does work but the taste is horrible. Cooking it with butter and putting it on toast is a good idea.
  7. he's saying he CAN'T have sugar... so he can't bake it in brownies or cake...

    go ahead and boil that bud in water... but you'll do nothing but waste it... dunno where that one dude got you'd get high from it from... but he's 100% wrong.
  8. Scarlet Sky

    Scarlet Sky Registered+

    slip is right, search for

    tired of smoking weed? try drinking it!

    weed tea made with milk and honey
  9. slpntrx5

    slpntrx5 Registered+

    you can always vape it in a lightbulb...
  10. Crystalline Green

    Crystalline Green Registered+

    But see, milk has lactose which converts into sugar.. and honey is a type of sugar as well. So I can't do this option either. Nor the cheese thing. Or the bread.

    It's very strict, I know.. but I have to do it to get better and live normally again!
  11. slpntrx5

    slpntrx5 Registered+

    so...what the fuck do you eat? pretty much everything has sugar in it, man...except, like...water lol

    are you allowed to vaporize shit? it's much easier than cooking it.
  12. Crystalline Green

    Crystalline Green Registered+

    I am basically living on meat, vegetables, and nuts. :( Don't rub it in, I know how much it sucks.

    How do I make a light bulb vaporizer?
  13. slpntrx5

    slpntrx5 Registered+

  14. Dr.Hashman

    Dr.Hashman Registered+

    Is there sugar in bread? I know the yeast eat it when they make bread. Just put a stick on butter on the stove and chop up some weed very finely and put it in. Let it simmer on medium heat for 10 minutes or so then strain it through a cheese cloth, stick it in the freezer (or ice bath for extra credit) and let it cool down. Once it is somewhat solidified so the point where it doesn't spill out and such, put it on your toast.

    Or you could use a spoon and spoon liquid artery clogger over your toast.
  15. game_bluntz

    game_bluntz Registered+

    man...please just wait this is your health we're talkin...live long to smoke weed...just wait man...chill not that hard u don't want to die or anything lol just chill
  16. that's a good idea actually... i would give you rep if i could but iv'e given to much out for today...

    that's really thinking outside the box lol...
  17. Skwirl07

    Skwirl07 Banned

    You're beat my dude..
  18. stick

    stick Registered+

    Bread probably won't work, lots of carbs.

    Best bet is either vape it or cook it into oil or butter and incorporate that into something you can eat. If I were you, I'd make the butter or oil and during the next meal I eat, in every mouthful, slip in a little bit of that butter or oil. Effects probably won't be as great as eating the butter or oil on an empty stomach but you'll get them.
  19. Smoke'n'Toke

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    Vaping it is a bit dangerous though..especially with a lightbulb. If you heat it too much you could get some smoke, which wouldnt be good.

    Depends how bad your disorder is with smoke, and if youre willing to risk it.
  20. Scarlet Sky

    Scarlet Sky Registered+

    ok, i can help you with a diy vape that wont burn it. take a 60w bulb and a socket, and a mason jar...

    you cut a hole just big enough for the socket in the mason lid screw the light bulb in, and cover it with tinfoil. fashion a aluminum bowl to sit on the bulb. poke two more holes in the lid for air lines, and put weed in the bowl, screw the jar on, plug it up, viola!

    ghetto vaporizer ;) and it absolutely wil not burn. just make sure you don't use any higher wattage than 75, i prefer 60, make sure it's incandecent...

    here's a pic...

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