Emmie's 2015 Humbolt, Serious, Barney's Grow Log

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by emilya, Sep 7, 2015.

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    sorry Tipz, but you have no say over who reads or comments on your threads. Get over it. I will continue be your most avid reader and most persistent critic until the electrons no longer are able to pass between us. I should actually comment on more of your pathetic little buds that only because of your photography skills look good... some of these pictures where the plant stake are almost as big around as the bud are quite comical. What is the point of all this fancy naming of new crosses that you do anyway... is it designed to impress? I have some AK pollen and 6 new plants here... lets see... I could give a fancy name to 6 new crosses if I wanted to. I assume you wait for someone to comment and then you sell them seeds of your fancy named crosses? Is that how this works mr Tipzter? I often wonder what your game is.

    as far as making mistakes... we are all human. I am sure that you have made some too, like thinking that it would be cool in insult a well liked forum member on her own thread as you are doing here. I fail to see your moral clarity here, where you can be allowed to do that, but I am not to comment on your threads? Who made you king? How about this... stay out of my threads and I will stay out of yours? Besides that, who invited you to make these recent comments? Was this at all necessary? My beef here has nothing to do with you, but since you want to become the example of how badly the social fabric of a forum can tear... you are sort of making my point.
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    damn all I want is to see is a harvest pic.. damn how hard is that.. and by the way.. weedmaps doesn't always track you unless you let it.. why on earth would anyone click that banner anyway..

    I mean, you raved and raved how baddass your DIY supersoil is and was, atleast show a final pic so we can match a final product with the log.

    then close the log.. simple as that.

    peace out..

  5. redtails

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  6. emilya

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    So against my wishes, my content still is referenced and published here. Thanks Red... height of disrespect there doing that for me... thanks. This is how these people will treat you without moderation folks... in a land without rules. You can choose to be a part of the chaos or not... I choose not.

    And yes demon... why don't you take it on yourself to close out my log for me... just go ahead... pretend I have no feelings. Pretend that you are in charge.
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  7. growdemon

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    pretend that I am in charge.. WHOA.... take a step back... WTF!...

    ok I see. now your true colors are coming out..

    No redtails that is trimmed. ..... yea looks like fluffy outdoor bud. big waste of time under electricity completely defeats the purpose.

    You firkin hounded like almost everyone one this site about how they were growing & ur way is best......... so WTF OFF>.. and even forced some decent growers to leave this site... This is what happens when people spend way too much time online. I would suggest to find a better hobby.

    maybe you should just buy some web space and a domain and setup ur own weed forum MySQL database, much easier than growing cannabis. Hell you might even make some extra $$ to pay for all the wasted electricity & soil.
  8. emilya

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    pretty harsh... I am sure that this encourages others to share their work too. Good job. Way to play for the team and all that.

    And, despite your harsh criticism, my ways of growing are sound and my bud was pretty good actually, despite what you might think you see from a couple of pictures. And, I just keep getting better at this too. What I ended up with that time was also the end result of a major experiment in lighting, of which the corresponding experiment will be done to compare against... too bad it wont be here. Even so, the bud was amazing... but you don't know, you are only judging by one picture of one plant that I simply thought was pretty... was it my biggest bud? no. Was it my strongest bud? Maybe.

    You guys go ahead and take over here... start advising all the new growers how to do things correctly. I will comment as I see fit. Pretty soon, word will get around what is going on here, if it hasn't already. Maybe word is also getting around about that girl who writes about how to water correctly, and who more people every day put a link to my article in their signature lines. We will see who wins out in the end, I am betting on those growers who find a friendly forum where they can get real advice without ridicule and arguing. I didn't force people off of here, you guys with the $10 egos and abusive comments did the majority of the damage... all I drove off were those who could not stand up to my questioning their logic, their assumptions or their old knowledge.

    I give credit where credit is due, but sorry old folks, the hobby, science, and everything around the cannabis community has moved way beyond what you guys had to put up with in the early days. New methods, new ways of thinking, and pioneers like me who tried to dive in and learn from all of your decades of trial and error using information that you yourselves posted on the internet for that purpose.... this is what has frightened you guys away. No longer do your personal dogmas quite hold true, there are now many ways to grow pot... and not everything that used to be held sacred is true with what we know today. You guys have always resented that someone like me could come along, learn all of your accumulated knowledge from the last 3 decades, and then move on past it... bridging new frontiers, finding new horizons and new accomplishments. Imagine what you guys could have done with plasma lighting technology... but you didnt... but we will... and you resent it. I get it, I really do.

    Anyway... until this thing is moderated, you can have it. Don't want it. Don't want to be anywhere near the fallout. You grumpy old men take the lead and let me comment at you for a while. I think this could be fun.
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    Drama! ;)
    The #1 cause of aborted grow logs. :rolleyes:
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  11. growdemon

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    ha yea, no doubt.. Evil..

    pat ur self on the back then emi, god job.. I grew some bud. yay! join the millions of others that think they are such a special weed grower. and they are king..... please....

    Like I said before there is nothing special about what your doing not sure why you think otherwise. but whatever.. all I asked for was some harvested pics so I can see what ur results were with the methods your using. If you cant understand this and why then so be it.
  12. emilya

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    hmmm... not sure where you guys think I said I was so special or queen... I just have a lot of people who like what I say. I also have a lot of people who follow my advice and as a result a lot of people have saved their grows. But you may be right... you might have all the answers and are much better at this than me. You are certainly better at picking on girls than I am at picking on guys and frankly, you have proven to me that yours is larger and that it is time for you to take over the alpha duties around here.... you and the seed vendor who likes to call me names, go ahead, show everyone how special you are. I won't get in your way. Call me when you get close to my number of likes... I will start to be impressed at that point.
  13. growdemon

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    really, wow what a waste of time...

    you are completely missing my point!

    whatever, good luck in your endeavor's..
  14. smello1

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    ............nothing to do with being a girl............females and males have been growing this hippy shit for thousands of years................
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  15. emilya

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    This fell out of my jar today... you remember... that jar referenced above, supposedly filled with the light airy buds that were the embarrassment of the cannabis community, and published above, against what used to be the rules of this forum, and without my permission, along with a glowing commentary and obvious respect for the fellow gardener of weeds? This bud has put me in such a mellow mood that I decided to share it with you. Peace everyone.

    rightous bud_jp.jpg
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  16. tipz

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    Delusions of being adequate
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  17. Yonderboi

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    I would love to see how this progressed from here...so very interesting.
  18. Dutch Pimp

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    No need to troll the thread...tipz

    Be glad...be very glad.. P4B is not here. The ModFather. (MFIC)
    Other Mods could ban..but only P4B could do a lifetime ban.

    Which reminds me: a lot of 5 year bans have expired...welcome back, Image Reaper, Rusty, Garden Knowm, Killerweed 420, etc.
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  19. tipz

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    Your opinion matters why?
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  20. Dutch Pimp

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    because its a grow log...on Cannabis.Com
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