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Discussion in 'Netherlands' started by Das, Dec 30, 2004.

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    To whom concerned I would like to know if any cannabis companies have any employment opportunities available? I am an American citizen that would like to leave the United States and look for employment in a cannabis related field. With the persecution of cannabis in the United States, I believe that living in the Netherlands would be a better alternative for pursuing work in cannabis. I Also have a high degree of skills in computing, sales, and customer service, support, that might also benefit any of these companies. I am willing to take any level of employment that will help me to get work in the Netherlands. If anyone knows anything or anyone is interested please make a post and I will send you my resume, thank you very much.
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    i'm new here, i hope your still on this forum. you posted almost 2 years ago

    getting a job working with dope is pretty close to mission impossible, your better off finding a job, learning a bit of dutch and waste away the hours in coffeeshops.
    it's the life to live :Rasta:
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    what are the laws like for Americans immigrating to the Netherlands?
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    Wow Thanks! I looked on the internets for hours, and I couldn't find anything conclusive.
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    No brains and no shame.

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