Emulsifying Vegetable Glycerin and BHO for E-juice

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    For those of you who’ve tried to mix vegetable glycerin and BHO for an e-juice or tincture know they don’t easily blend and separate quite rapidly.

    Whether you’re a large possessor or small, we at CAT Scientific have a method where the process can be completed in about two hours or less without using a surfactant, like lecithin.

    We were fortunate to have a company donate 25 grams of winterized and decarboxylated BHO absolute for this process.

    A CAT X1000D Homogenizer drive with a G-20 (N) Normal Generator Shaft Assembly is used to emulsify the BHO and Vegetable Glycerin. The X1000D Homogenizer Drive is needed to provide the torque to process the high viscosity of the glycerin and BHO.

    G-20 (N) Normal Generator shafts are sealed to prevent materials from being processed through the shaft tube, and the operator doesn’t have to be concerned about cross contamination or laborious cleaning.

    For the experiment, we placed 500ml of kosher vegetable glycerin in a one liter beaker, heated it to 80°C on the CAT MCS78 Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer. We also heated the 25 grams of BHO absolute in a separate vessel.

    After the vegetable glycerin has reached 80°C, the beaker is moved over to the CAT X1000D Homogenizer. The X1000D is clamped on its drive stand so the G-20 (N) Generator is immersed in the vegetable glycerin about a 1/16th of an inch from the bottom of the vessel. The device is powered on to the lowest setting; 4,000 rpm’s and increased to 8,000 rpm’s. The BHO is then poured into the vegetable glycerin and the vessel is moved around the shaft for about 45 seconds to one minute. The device is then powered off.

    The beaker is removed from the X1000D Homogenizer, placed back on the MCS78 Hotplate Stirrer. The VG-BHO emulsion is heated to 80°C for ½ an hour. During that time, whatever BHO falls out of solution will appear in the center of the vessel.

    The vessel is then moved over to the X1000D Homogenizer and emulsified again, as described above. The beaker is again placed on the MCS78 Hotplate Stirrer and the solution heated to 80°C for ½ an hour. If any BHO falls out of solution, emulsify again with the X1000D. This completes the process and you’ll have a stable VG-BHO Emulsion for about 90 days.

    If you’re processing the solution to be taken orally, do not use a dropper because rubber causes polarization, the vegetable glycerin BHO emulsion will separate.

    homogenizer setup.jpg

    adding oil.jpg

    adding oil-2.jpg

    adding oil-3.jpg




    final product.jpg
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    That's all well and good of ya'll spamming the good side. No, I'm not reporting you. A homoginizer can be a useful tool to blend oils with THC especially water soluble like VG.
    Let's talk about the bad side you have not mentioned.
    You are spamming your product. It must not be that good if you need to spam it. Reputation will sell a product on its own. I know that for a fact.
    Problem #2, it appears you can only mix large quantities, which is very expensive and risky. Much more than me or my patients can consume. Vaping oil is one of the most expensive habits that I know.
    #3, your infusion, going by everything I have read and believe, at best, will only last three months. Then it will separate. Alcohol blends may last longer, but BHO has only been known to last 3 months.
    #4. potential problem, I have noticed with other products I have mixed cannabis oil with causes the cannabis to degrade to CBN within 6 months and lost the high quality THC. I am willing to bet that homogenizing VG will speed up the degradation.

    It seems it is only good for someone, like a business, who wants to make large quantities to sell. It is no good for a single patient who can only make small quantities to use.

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