End of Medical Cannabis in CA?

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    me: formerly academic physician with an expertise in phytochemistry and pathology. I also have been an expert investigator for the CA medical board and helped set up the forensic testing program for the state hospital system.

    I have been educating myself to enter the market very soon and have been meeting the bigger players in the industry in norcal.

    I have always suspected that prior to prop 64 implementation, California would close the loophole with MCRSA medical cannabis given those with medical cards would be sales tax free. In order to maximize tax revenue of course they would push people into adult use.

    Then on November 9 the California medical board dropped the hammer with the new medical cannabis guidelines. This seemingly would make the customer base for medical only dispensaries near zero but I haven’t heard anything about this from people in the industry.

    Basically, are the non-physician folks in the industry simply unaware of this massive change or do they believe somehow they can fight it?

    Read the new guidelines. Basically it makes the current MCRSA mode of biz nigh impossible. See attached.

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