Ever Inhale through your nose?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Turtle401, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. Turtle401

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    A buddy of mine suggested it, in proving that it isn't just smoke coming out.

    I first tried a filtered cigarette (through my nose). I couldn;t do it, it hurt to bad, which I though was odd due to me blowing out my nose, but all that stuff is in your lungs by then

    Then I took my Vapir set it at 335F and took it right in my nose, and blue it out my mouth.

    Here is the question: Was it just the fun/novelty of doing this, or was it like snorting something (where your mucus membranes absorb quite a bit, quite quickly)? Because I felt a completely different high
  2. Frickr

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    your nose does extract some of the chemicals in the vapor. i usually exhale out through my nose after a nice vapor hit. i like the tingle feeling
  3. Faddenator

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    Definitely fun to do with a vape, but with a bong or pipe it's not advisable simply because the smoke can tear up the olfactory system in your nose (which is basically a thin membrane separating your nasal passage from your brain). You could lose your sense of smell later in life by doing this too much.
  4. redtails

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    I don't know about hitting it straight from your nose, that's kind of dirty. Sometime I french inhale, take a big hit but hold it in your mouth letting it slowly roll out and inhale up through your nose...no more boogers on the mouthpiece...
  5. BuzzBob

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    While vaping, and just to see if I got some vapor going, I'll detour some inhaling to my nose and exhale to see if there's vapor going. I like the smell and the vapor sure does tingle.

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