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Discussion in 'Massachusetts (MA)' started by granola724, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. granola724

    granola724 Registered+

    Hey. I was hoping that we could get a list of all the headshops in Massachusettes... I know of 2 in boston but no names and a porn shop in westborough that sells some pieces
  2. Daveracer

    Daveracer Registered+

    That porn shop is Amazing's Superstore. I actually just bought a decent peice there for $30.
  3. granola724

    granola724 Registered+

    Funny you should say that I also just bought a piece there for 30$ its pretty good and I'm very happy with it. do you know of any others around? I want to get a bong as a christmas present for myself... thanks
  4. Daveracer

    Daveracer Registered+

    Nah, because i always used someone elses. Good luck on the bong quest though :D
  5. liberiamom

    liberiamom Registered+

    There's a little tobacco shop in Westgate Mall in Brockton, and if you go around to the back shelves, there are a few hookahs and in the case below are glass pipes and a couple bongs. I got Green Swirly there for $38 for Christmas- she was ostensibly a gift for my husband :)
  6. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Just over the border into NH, drive up Rt 10 out of Northfield, there's a REALLY good headshop at the first set of lights in the first town. Called Phat Stuff.
  7. mass12

    mass12 Registered

    if you take exit 1 off 93 theres a sick head shop in salem nh called goodtimes i got a couple sick peices in there actualy yestarday bought a double bubblah for 50bucks
  8. Ghost**

    Ghost** Registered+

    Just to give an update on an old post, GoodTimes in Salem, NH (right over the MA border) is now closed :(
  9. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Was that the place that got raided after they got wind of the owners being too closely involved with distribution? I've heard mutterings about weapons being found... wtf.... it's a rumor but a persistent one.
  10. Awill3449

    Awill3449 Registered+

    Ones that I know:

    The Hempest: harvard square and newbury street (Sucks and is wayyy to expensive)
    Sugar Daddy's in Kenmore Square (pretty good, but still pretty expensive)

    If you go down to Providence, there's a better selection
    OPM is cheaper and has TONS of stuff
    and The Kine Connection is pretty cheap and has really nice glass.
  11. Ghost**

    Ghost** Registered+

    im not to sure, im assuming thats whats happened.

    Ive been up there 2 within the last month to see if it was just a remodeling, but it just looks the same empty, no sign, nothing left besides a blacklight.
    Im not sure about the owners but the people used to work there used to smoke in the backroom all the time
  12. Bostoned

    Bostoned Registered

    I have always frequented Headlines in Nashua, bit pricey but huge selection. Me and the old lady will head to North Conway on a whim, there's also a headlines there as well.
  13. Turtlebob11

    Turtlebob11 Registered

    is phat stuff the same as phat stuff II? i'm trying to figure out where exactly this place is
  14. tuete

    tuete Registered+

    if you make it to the tip of the eastern side in provincetown there's a head shop called shop therapy. in the back they've got a satisfactory selection.
  15. BlazeDaPurplHaze

    BlazeDaPurplHaze Registered

    not in mass but

    there's vibrations in CT :) not that far from where I live in western mass.

    haven't been there recently but i got a nice glass pipe for cheap and i'm happy with it.
  16. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Northern Lights in Enfield CT pwns vibrations.
  17. katyowns

    katyowns Registered+

    I didn't even know about this place stinky, do they sell bongs?

    BTW how you been?
  18. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Yeah they do- best selection I've ever seen, good selection of vapes too, VERY fair prices on glass, overall a very nice shop. In fact it gets my vote for the best head shop I have yet visited.
    I've been good. How's your grow going? My email is in my siggy now; if you are ever on the annoying-yuppie-meets-yankee-potato-farmer side of the bridge construction mess during a workday, we should hook up for lunch or something.
  19. katyowns

    katyowns Registered+

    The grow is going excellent actually, we in the process of harvesting our hydro,

    I'm going to be in Noho for sure on sunday the 16th for a concert, I work so much during the week it's hard for me to find time for a social life, plus being a grower I like to keep the people who come to my house few and selective, which Im betting you understand completely.

    I moved out here from the Worcester area a little over a year ago, so I still am not very knowledgable about my surroundings here, I've acually only been to Noho once!
  20. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Oh! I thought you hung out there regularly.
    I'm probably gonna be striper fishing down the south shore that day. Oh well.
    I have no wheels atm so let's make a rain check, then I'll come down to the big city. You like blues? Fried pickles? Barbeque? I'm easy to convince to come down there given any of the following destinations:
    Chef Wayne's Big Mamou
    Casa de Nana
    (Yup, Stinky likes that hot-climate comfort food, no matter what the source!)

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