Every Stoner Should Know...

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by couch-potato, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. couch-potato

    couch-potato Registered+

    How to drive with their knees (think about it).

    How to make a pipe, bong, gravity bong, and a waterfall bong from common household items.

    To never baby-sit.

    Add your own!
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  2. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+

    To get a job that pays just enough for the least amount of work, with no drug tests.

    My dad drives with his knees, but that's cause he eats Wendys while driving. He's really good.
  3. MastaChronic

    MastaChronic Banned

    every stoner should:

    be able distinguish brick from chron

    know how to roll joints pretty good

    know their rights

    know how to bake magic brownies

    if he could drive with is knees, whats holding the gas pedal down?
    does he use just one knee or somethin?
  4. LuckyNiner

    LuckyNiner Registered+

    Great idea for a thread.

    Every stoner should know:

    - How to deal with police.

    - The way to corner a bowl so someone else can get a green hit.

    - Prices in your area.

    - How to attempt to distinguish fine chronic from schwag. You never really
    know until you smoke it, but you can definitely make some distinctions if you know your weed.

    - How to discreetly conduct a buy.


    that's all I have for now...looking forward to reading others'.
  5. hex.shaman

    hex.shaman Registered+

    That's a damn good one! I try to do it most of the time but peeps I smoke with suck and torch the whole thing all the time. I think I'm going to have to stop and that's a shame!

    - How to actually inhale

    - Be able to estimate weight of bud pretty well.

    that's all I got.
  6. ipodguy

    ipodguy Registered+

    all the secrets of raping others at online games
  7. modest moon

    modest moon Registered+

    -how to drive properly if stoned
    -how to stop a j from canoeing
    -how to make the perfect playlist of tunes
    -how to groove
  8. LuckyNiner

    LuckyNiner Registered+


    In short, don't be the negative stoner stereotype. Couldn't agree more.

    Give stoners a good name.
  9. coledog855

    coledog855 Registered+

    -must have an excellent hiding place

    -must own at least one tiedye shirt or classic band shirt

    -must know how to make a smoking device out of a food

    -must be able to name at least 5 items on the wedny's dollar menu
  10. nikweiser

    nikweiser Registered+

    wendys has nasty fuckin chicken


    -hit it 2 times
    -pass to the left
  11. Inferius

    Inferius Registered+

    What do you play billion?

    I really cant think of anything of value to contribute to this thread.
    Imo, every stoner needs to know three things.
    -How to get weed.
    -How to smoke weed.
    -How to enjoy being stoned.

    The rest are just silly ideals..
  12. ValkyrieAg

    ValkyrieAg Registered+

    I could give you 10 reasons.
  13. couch-potato

    couch-potato Registered+

    - Have a grin on their face whenever the look at a clock and its 4:20
  14. Skink

    Skink Registered+

    the url to this site...
  15. JR77

    JR77 Registered+

    A truly good stoner knows how to act straight when appropriate but still be totally blazed. I feel I have perfected this!!!!
  16. benagain

    benagain Registered+

    To know every place that sells rolling papers in your county and all head shops in bordering counties.

    Every back road and possbile route in your neighboorhood.

    Who on your street is a cop.

    How to pass a drug test.

    All for now. More maybe later
  17. teknonra

    teknonra Registered+

    more things you gotta know:-

    use the thinnest skins you can find.
    use ice to remove thc.
    grader's perks are the best!!
    sleep on squidgy.
    rise on green.
    pay your man when you say you will.
    use a charcoal filter.
    keep your growroom secret( from everyone!!)
    keep going to the dam.
  18. benagain

    benagain Registered+

    Where to find scales cheap and fast.

    The cheapest place to buy visine.

    The ninja-like ability to hide everything incriminating within view in under 3 seconds when someone knocks on the door.
  19. Ibu Jari

    Ibu Jari Registered+


    -Fast food sucks. I bake when I'm baked. I can't wait for a bigger kitchen, so I can make better munchies! We also adore the simple things. Apples have never tasted so good.
    - Have made the apple pipe, used it once. It's great if your desperate. So, basically don't be that desperate, get a sturdy pipe or always know how to roll.
    - Wendys sucks - they don't salt their nasty fries. The fries are nasty. The burgers are paper thin. And they're always warm. Oh, and we musn't forget how gross the chicken is.
    - Searching for a new tuning device for my violin.

    Lets see the ones I suggest:

    Know how to lightly take a first hit off a new pipe or bong as to actually SMOKE the weed you've stuffed into your bowl. No sense in choking on it and not getting anything.
    Always keep glass appoxy handy incase you break your glass.
    Screens are your friend.
    Growing can be cheaper than buying.
  20. JR77

    JR77 Registered+

    Here's one I just thought of: A good stoner can tell you how much bud is there without a scale!!!!

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