exact life sized pic of dime bag?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by GetBakedOrDieTryin, May 5, 2006.

  1. GetBakedOrDieTryin

    GetBakedOrDieTryin Registered+

    anybody know if this is an exact life size pic of a dime bag? The smaller bag being the dime if i am right? also what size would the larger bag be? i hadnt had a dime bag for like 3 months... i just get in em big ugly plastic bags now so i forget what a dime bag look exactly like.

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  2. bayareapothead5

    bayareapothead5 Registered+

    smaller ones a dime, then bigger ones a gram(dub,20 sack)bag.
  3. notrightquite

    notrightquite Registered+

    baya, are you suggesting that you pay $20 for a gram? Sad ...
  4. bayareapothead5

    bayareapothead5 Registered+

    no, that isnt sad, around here in the bay we get some CHRON! strait from the cannabis club. im talkin bout northern lights, train wreck, white widow...etc. i dont buy grams, my minimum buy is an 8th. but yes grams are 20 around my area up in the bay.
  5. GetBakedOrDieTryin

    GetBakedOrDieTryin Registered+

    a dime is a gram.
  6. duckfool

    duckfool Registered+

    You must realize that that picture willl appear a different size on everyones monitor.

    Different screen sizes, different aspect, and most importantly, different resolutions. on my screen (17 inch wide, 1920x1200), it is very close to the size of a real dime bag. On my other screen (14.9 inch, 800x 600), its about twice the size it should be.

    The only useful picture will be one with a reference item in the picture as well.
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  7. duckfool

    duckfool Registered+

    ..and what is with all the useless bickering about prices around here. Its simple economics. Dont rip on someone because they pay a different price unless they live in the same place you do. its a waste of everyones time. Thats not even what the damn thread is about.
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  8. MacWQ33

    MacWQ33 Registered+

    ya....a dime=a gram=1/28 of an ounce....there is no difference lol
  9. d00d989

    d00d989 Registered+

    ok....since no one else seems to know.....a dime is TEN DOLLARS WORTH

    the weight of a dime will vary depending on how good the weed is

    a dime isnt a gram
  10. hex.shaman

    hex.shaman Registered+

    That looks close to me. And yeah, I usually think:

    dime == 10 bucks, dime =/= gram
  11. thank you... a dime to me is 3.5 grams of bud (not scwagg not shake) right now (crosses fingers cuz he doesn't wanna jinx it) i got the best fucking hook up for bud, it's not like dro/chronic/w/e but it's some damn good mids... tho last time i got a bit less... maybe by .3 grams? but that bud was wonderful... lime ass fucking green and i haven't seen so few many seeds/stems inforever (yes my bud usually has seeds in it, maybe 10 at most for a 1/4-1/2 oz, this was nearly a 1/2oz and had like 3 seeds in it)
  12. Vinny87

    Vinny87 Registered+

    Here you go. This is actually from about 1-2 months ago. Sorry for the shitty quality, I took it on my cell.


    Next an average sized mouse.
  13. GetBakedOrDieTryin

    GetBakedOrDieTryin Registered+

    ok then tell me how many inches width/length a dime bag is?
  14. Vinny87

    Vinny87 Registered+

  15. Hollandica

    Hollandica Registered+

    ahahaha ridiculously small bag! oh wait, it's just my deviant screen resolution
  16. Vinny87

    Vinny87 Registered+

    Yeah, dime bags are really small...I don't recommend buying them. Every now and then I get them when I need a quick fix. I'm not a heavy smoker at all.
  17. duckfool

    duckfool Registered+

    ok, i have some spare time.

    It's exactly 1 1/4" x 1 3/4" including the little flap at the top and 1 1/4" x 1 5/16" measuring only the storage space.
  18. bayareapothead5

    bayareapothead5 Registered+

    lol...wow you really DO have spare time huh?!
  19. TrueTNBuds508

    TrueTNBuds508 Registered+

    A dime bag was originally ment to weigh .1oz 2.8 grams. Since that is more than ten dollars worth now. They just sell ten bucks worth in a dime now. Around her thats about 2 grams of mid grade. See thats why I dont buy dimebags and shit you never know how much your getting. I buy according to weight 1/8, 1/4 etc...
  20. CBsDankNugs

    CBsDankNugs Registered+

    where i live a dime= 20 bag = 3.5grams. since and 1/8th is is the whole bottom of a swandwich bag a dime is about half that. but it depending on where you live it changes. ive never heard of a dime equaling a gram tho.

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