exercise while high

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by cheeto, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. cheeto

    cheeto Registered+

    is it possible?

    would it make doing one workout, like 30 min on the bike, go by a shit load faster, long as your not changing your surroundings, which kills my highs quick.

    i know that when i daze out i keep doing what i was doing, even stoned to shit....
  2. LuckyG

    LuckyG Registered+

    Working out high is soooo hard though. I'm very used to biking, and can cruise for hours on my BMX normally, but when I'm high every pedal takes so much effort. Just put on some tunes and explore the area around where you live, that's a great way to kill time and learn about your neighborhood.
  3. Blitzed

    Blitzed Banned

    Yeah man, not a good idea. Workout, then get stoned.
  4. cheeto

    cheeto Registered+

    works for me...
  5. crudemood

    crudemood Registered+

    hey look its cheeto.. ;)
  6. nightlight

    nightlight Banned

    A friend of mine does 50 push up after each bowl he smokes for fun. its kind of ridiculous.
  7. fatsackville

    fatsackville Registered+

    i used to get WAY baked and then go swim laps : )
    (and im not one to exercise much)

    its a nice clean buzz because the water kind of wakes you up while the buzz relaxes you

    once when i was like 16 me and some friends took a raft and flipped it upside down (like playing submarine when your a kid)
    we each had a huge joint, a lighter, and a dry had towel in a ziplock bags,

    the goal was to hotbox the tiny air space under the raft, we each lit our joint and smoked and smoked and smoked untill there was almost no air left, we were only like a foot away from each other and at one point it was so smokey couldnt see each other.

    so we stayed in there as long as we could but it was getting harder and harder to breath then one of my buddies started to passout :( we caught him before he went under and flipped the raft up right then.

    the trippy part was the whole time we were under the raft we didnt feel stoned but as soon as we flipped the raft off of us and statred taking in clean air the high hit all at once and hit hard : )
  8. Gandalf_The_Grey

    Gandalf_The_Grey Registered+

    Pretty much every time I work out it's after I get high, which tends to inspire me to do things. I actually get more energy from it, though still get the lame burnout.
  9. RtFeMiNo

    RtFeMiNo Registered+

    bad idea man. i've attempted it a few times and it didn't turn out to well. i would have crushed my chest entirely with the bar if my friend wasn't there to grab it
  10. burnable

    burnable Registered+

    I dont see how this many people discourage working out after blazing, unless they only tried it a handful of times no more than a week's worth. Me, I don't feel right doing my semi-daily workout without preceding it with a bowl. Plus it does make it go by faster, and the runner's high combined with the cannabis high is primo, almost like an opiate. I also puff afterwards. After you get in the habit, you don't crash so much as just feel relaxed and tranquil inside.

    If you find it hard to workout after puffing, workout before puffing. But give it at least 2 weeks for it to become habit, then smoking will sort of set off a bell that makes you want to get real active, then you can truly relish the workout, and you'll have more energy throughout the day and not burnout like most stoners. I drink yerba mate tea for added energy.

    I'm primarily concerned with cardiovascular health so I do 30 min. on the elliptical combined with push ups and situps, 5-6 times a week. Before I had the elliptical I did jogging in place or walking in a hilly area or dancing to music, anything sweaty.
  11. surreys princess

    surreys princess Registered+


    i always smoke before i exercise.....pot actually motivates me......if i dont smoke first i will procrastinate and never get it done....
  12. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+


    Sometimes I do, but if I want to make some serious gains lifting, I wouldn't smoke.
  13. Candnloveweed420

    Candnloveweed420 Registered+

    me and my homie have started lifting weights recently, and he gets faded before each workout. surprisingly, he does great and seems to have no problems. i think it motivates him somewhat, because lifting weights sober is just something that isnt his idea of fun. so he gets high (which is fun) and lifts weights. i have no idea of its effect on the body while working out, but im pretty darn sure its ok. it depends on ur preference. if its too hard, then stop getting high before.
  14. make it legal

    make it legal Registered+

    Smoking before cross country made me able to make myself run further.
  15. toketaker

    toketaker Registered+

    i was waiting to find a thread about this

    i go to my lacrosse practices high sometimes.
    ive found that exercising high makes it so much easier and go by quicker for me, but lifting weights sucks high

    when we run or do situps..my mind is too busy on other things that i dont notice the pain or exhaustion so i can just keep going and going
    especially if u listen to music, the workout just become routine while ur in a different world

    but lifting..omg i tried that and it was hell
    bench pressing felt like a fucking torture game
    there i am stoned and i feel like im put to the test..i must keep this heavy weight above my body or it will come down crushing upon me haha its hard

    but when i blaze before the gym i always look forward to the high experience in the sauna and steam rooms

    so i say go for it
    its a fun experience once in awile
  16. Demeter

    Demeter Registered+

    I love working out high! Anything that affects the senses is even more fun while high- the rush that exercise gives is enhanced by the drug, for me anyway. The only downside is perhaps diminished lung capacity, which I hope to change with my Christmas present of a vaporizer.

    Of course, if you get too high, you might get clumsy with heavy machinery:D so stick to a puff or two like I do. And don't wear MBT shoes on a treadmill!
  17. chargrs83

    chargrs83 Registered+

    I know kids that used to get high alllll the time before the worked out. I think it just depends on the person and whether or not your used to working out high. As for how it effects you physically, i'm almost positive that smoking opens up your bronchial tubes in your lungs making it easier to breath i guess, or maybe it makes more oxygen go to your body? anyway, i dont think that it is bad for you to smoke and workout, but for people who get motivated to workout when they smoke, more power to you. I cant do it and i lift religiously. theres my :twocents:

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