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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by BerZerk, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. BerZerk

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    well its my first day of flowering today and i'm just wondering this.

    once my lights go off the 12 hour cycle do i keep my intake and exhaust fans and desktop fan running inside my grow room?

  2. dusto2k3

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    yes. During light, the only time my exhaust and intake are off is during "light" and when i am using co2, besides that, they are on 24/7
  3. bejay

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    you should run your circulating fan in the room at all times, your ventilation fans such as intake or exhuast may not be needed or not needed as much you would need to monitor your temp and humidity to see if the ventilation fans are needed to keep temp within a normal range and humidity under 70 percent.
    if your humidity is running very high 60 or better would probably suggest leaving atleast one ventilation fan on, or installing a controller that will turn on and off fans based on temp and humidity.
  4. dusto2k3

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    Bejay, so at night, you don't ventilate? For advanced growers, yes a control and a co2 monitor might be good, but for you Berzerk, 24/7 is goodf. You plants want fresh air ALL the time.
  5. bejay

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    usually not sometimes I have to during the summer.
    but I dont use co2 so its more important to replenish the air when the lights are on for me, not so much of importance when they are off if the humidity and temp is ok.
  6. dusto2k3

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    I put my vent on a timer 15min on 15 off, I found that the water in the medium was not drying up as fast as i wanted. So i keep it on. Vent, prob. not my issue here, just watering too much at one time to keep the frequent watering schedule i have.
  7. BerZerk

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    wow thanks for the replys people :).

    thats good to know.

    my closet/wardrobe is 3ft wide 2ft deep and 7 ft high, my ladys are doing just fine and the last thing i wanna do is mess it all up now.

    my 2 ladys are 5 weeks old next tuesday ( arjans haze #3 femalized) and was showing pre flowers late last week and has so many internodes i can hardly see the stem of the plant ( vegged on 6 23 watt cfls)and i was waiting for my 250 watt hps to come.

    temps at the moment are fine about 81degrees with light on and about 76 to 79 with the lamp off.

    i have 2 intake bathroom duct fans right at the bottom of the cabnet and a 4" exhust at the top that does 307 liters a hour , it seems well powerfull.( still need to by a carbon filter)

    for veg i used some all purpose plant food 7-7-7 and my soil is biobizz.

    for flowering i'm using canna terra flores and was wondering how the plants grow on this, does anyone have any experiance growing with this?

    at the moment i'm playing the safe route just 1 mil to 2 liters of ph water.

    on the bottle a full strengh solution is 5ml to 1 liter and i swear i have red somewhere that if u was to give your plants full strength they wouldent be to happy about it.

    thanks :)

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  8. dusto2k3

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    i've used the terra line. Its great. I had a good harvest. Try and get them temps down a peep. Maybe 75-78 with lights on. Once you throw that HPS in there, its gonna get hotter. Or it's in there already?
  9. BerZerk

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    i have the hps already m8 that is the temperture with it on about 81 i can get it down to about 79 but that means i have to put 2 frozen bottles of 2liter water in there to cool it down those 2 degrees but now i'm thinking thats gonna cause more humidity so i took them out.

    was you using full strengh canna as directed on the bottle ?
  10. dusto2k3

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  11. BerZerk

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    thanks for the link but those charts sort of confuse me, i dont see how much water per ml of terra flores. its proberly just me having smoking to much green today lol.

    edit: its ok i see now lol its per galon of water and the nute strengh is going down the page.

    is it best to water with nutes everytime i need to water or should i water with nutes then the next watering just use normal ph water?

    thanks again
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  12. dusto2k3

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    ml/gal = milliliters per gallon of water. So, its 19 of the T.F. per Gallon of water.

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