Experience with Sour Diesel? Also strain guide?

Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by razzapiggy, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. razzapiggy

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    Anyone have experience with Sour Diesel. Got some clones, they are doing well... just curious if you guys have any input on the strain. Also, can someone link me up to a Strain Guide? Would def. like to read all I can about the strain. Thanks
  2. razzapiggy

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    This is my first grow, curious what type of problems to watch out for especially. Thanks in advance!
  3. mellogold

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    the smell, i got a carbon scrubber and one of those sharper image iono things and my house still reeeeeeeeeeeeeekks, if you dotn have extreamly good odor control and smell is an issue i DONT RECOMMEND GROWING SOUR DIESEL
  4. G 13

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  5. rusty shacklefurd

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    i grew it for a while and never had any real problems. its not the biggest producer in the world, but it makes up for it in the taste and high........if you just touch one of those flowers your whole house will smell of lemons. i flowerd those for about 9 weeks,but watch the tri's .flush the shit outta them.the longer it cures the better it gets ,mabey like 3 weeks or more..... damn now im thinking about do'n another round of that shit! I'm not kidding when i say the taste and smell are like no other:thumbsup: i dont kmow if that helps at all:smokin:
  6. mellogold

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    yea when my buds were doen curing if i poped a jar full of bud and left it open for more than 20min my whole house would reek of diesel fuel....
  7. KindMidasSoundman

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    No experience GROWING the sour 'D', but a lot of experience in SMOKING it! I hear what the others are saying. Sour 'D' is some AROMATIC bud! I know transporting just a small quantity in your car is smelly enough to make you think the cop sitting next to you at the stoplight can smell you through the car windows :D

    Be careful!
  8. KindMidasSoundman

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    Sorry, my previous post was of no use to you. I just get excited when I hear somebody say, "sour diesel"! :stoned:
  9. razzapiggy

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    I like smelly buds, looks like I will need to invest in a carbon filter right when the money becomes available to me. I have about forty of them going right now, about two weeks old, first grow. Feel free to check out my grow log, it's titled "Comes a Time, First Grow, Step Inside --- 2000 Watt Sour Diesel" Come check it out. Thanks for the replies guys.
  10. razzapiggy

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    oops, forgot to mention my dog is in the general indoor growing forum...
  11. razzapiggy

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    Yep, I have looked at some strains about Sour Diesel, seems the New York City Sour Diesel is relatively available. Not exactly sure where my Diesel came from, will look into it. The kid I got the clones from said they take 9-10 weeks to flower. Does anyone have a huge strain guide they could post? Have been unable to find one amazingly enough
  12. locomark

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    Well Razzapiggy,

    SD is some very stong smelling dope no joke. Maybe you can make a filter like I did for about $40.00 from Home Depot and Pet Smart. Some of the best weed on the Planet. My woman still has flashbacks from Amsterdam after smoking SD. She'll tell you it's no a game kid.

  13. razzapiggy

    razzapiggy Registered+

    Hey Friend,

    Yep, I have been told by many it's a potent one. I actually haven't smoked the finished product ever (at least not knowingly) but I have been told lots of great stories. Have a long time to go but I am getting excited already!
  14. greenroot26

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