Experimental grow flowering in a green house in winter

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by energyefficient, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. energyefficient

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    I am trying some new things (for me)

    I have 2 headbands (far left and right) and a green crack in the middle. There are only 12 hours of light here, and it will be at least 11 hours of darkness for the next 70 days so I figured why not take advantage of my sun filled green house, and try to flower plants this time of year. No idea if this will work.

    I also am learning cloning. Currently takes my about 3 weeks to transplant from my home made aero cloner. I am noting a white film on my stems (see pic) should I run some hydrogen peroxide through my system, or is this ok?

    Thanks for and cloning advice, and fingers crossed for a great outdoor harvest, in early april!

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  2. waterdog

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    Love that Cali winter sun

    Peace, I lived in the Willits area a few years back . As soon as I moved in {January 1} I built and planted a greenhouse full.Things went real well and I really surprized some locals that you could grow in a GH that time of year. The seedlings did not flower but I did sex very early. Our girls were 6 foot tall at planting time.
    I think if yours start flowering at the size you have them they should finish well for you ... I love to experiment also. Good luck with your grow ! Waterdog
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  3. energyefficient

    energyefficient Registered+

    thanks for checking in. those are in 25 gal smart pots in the pics, about 5' high right now. I have topped the head band in the 4th pic many time for cuttings.

    i only hope they do not notice the days getting slightly longer rather than shorter and re veg. either way I have more that are waiting for a proper outdoor season.

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  4. canniwhatsis

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    They will start to re-vege when your light cycle hits about 13.5 hours of daylight,.... so I have my doubts that you'll get there.

    Depending on how big your green house is tho, you can tarp it to artificially shorten the day's. ;)
  5. energyefficient

    energyefficient Registered+

    I am currently designing an automated light deprivation system (but its for large scale grows) I probably should have started them in flower a few weeks back...but the weather was no good. So this was a compromise. If I loose this crop I won't be bent out of shape, purely an experiment.

    According my research on the expected sun rise and sun set even if I have to go to the end of april (which is not expected since im doing indica) I will have only 14 hours of sun...its gonna be close.
  6. energyefficient

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    hate to bump my own thread. But its time for a 2 week update. The good news is flowering is going according to schedule. The terrible news is I have spider mites! Oh no! I am currently 14 days in to flower, so I am using one of those No Pest Strips that emits a gas that apparently kills spider mites. It seems only to have driven my ladybugs out of my green house... If there is not a huge improvement in 48 hours I am going to get a CO2 system, and kill them with that with a high dosage over night , and use it to add some CO2 to my house!

    anyways, here is the pics. thanks for the positive vibes to help me get rid of these damn spider mites!

    you can see that I had to butcher my green crack which made me very sad. But I was not going to risk my head bands...luckily my proactive use of NEEM oil has kept the mies away from the headbands for the most part.

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  7. Wahoonbox

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    Nice looking garden if your in the northern hemi. You'll have plenty of time with the right light. U be finishing up around Easter right?

    Good looking garden no matter what.
  8. canniwhatsis

    canniwhatsis Registered+

    Bummer about the GC,... :( It's gotta be hard to keep Mites out of a semi outdoor grow like that,.... My recommendation for future attempts would be diatomaceous earth sprinkled on the floor of the green house and topsoil in the pots,... then use "Tanglefoot" sticky barrier around the base of the stems, and try to keep any foliage from touching anything else.

    Neem should be a religion..... Every Sunday one should pay homage to Neem, then for the last 7 weeks of flower one may relax and rest while watching sticky dank buds grow! :Rasta:
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  9. energyefficient

    energyefficient Registered+

    i am hoping to be dried and in cure by 4/20.

    just set off a doktor doom pyrethum fogger 5.5 oz. I will update how that went tomorrow. mites hopefully will not ruin all my medicine an force me to wait for november to harvest again.

    hopefully in another 10 days this will not be a damage control thread anymore!

  10. energyefficient

    energyefficient Registered+

    thank you for the advice cannawhatsis! I will certainly research and employ those methods in my next go around.

    and yes neem is going on the schedule no dobut from here on out. it made a big difference I only wish I started using it earlier.
  11. canniwhatsis

    canniwhatsis Registered+

    Your welcome,... and I hope it works out! ;)

    As for YOU (and I mean YOU as a person) if you walk into the greenhouse you might be transferring mites.... so take precautions like changing your clothes after working your outdoor garden, and change your shoes as you enter the greenhouse. The little fuckers hitchhike on anything!

    I've got an indoor pair of crocs, and outdoor pair. I shower when I get home from work and change into freshly washed scrubs before working with my grow.

    Just my sanitation and inoculation efforts "Should" be enough to keep mites out of my room, but I none the less fight them like they are the plague,.... because they are! :S5:
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  12. energyefficient

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    indeed. i have so many friends that grow its going to be hard to keep people who have potentially been exposed to pests out of my yard as well. every day i encounter someone who has been into a grow room / green house.

    im going to start showering before i do any gardening. and like you said get a pair of specific shoes ect.

    i found some alive mites on my clones and vegging plants (they live in the bathroom) that i put in the green house with the pyrethum bomb last nite. going to get a stronger bomb for tonite.

    i refuse to loose.

    thanks for all the help.

  13. energyefficient

    energyefficient Registered+

    the forums went down and I was away. bottom line is I did end up harvesting all 3 of my plants. I ended up with mediocre results. The harsh winter, and the mites, made for loose stringy buds. I ended up with a half pound of tight stuff, but did not even trim about 50% of my plants.

    What I learned about winter / early season flowering is to put them out later in the season. next year I will put them out in the end of febuary to get better weather, and to be more proactive about pest control. But the concept does work and I will be doing it next year with a trick and efficient heating system.

    On the spidermites nothing worked but this pyrethrum fogger (i never did try CO2)
    Whitmire 75190 Pyrethrum TR Micro

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