Extra Strength Omni Cleansing Softgels

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Priestkc31, Mar 17, 2009.

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    Hey im new to the forum and got a question about these softgels.

    First off, I go into work this morning and they tell me I have to take a drug test. I was surprised, and now I'm worrying my a** off. I absolutely have to have this job, i got 2 kids, best job I've ever had, I need it.

    They tell me I need to go and take it this week, they just said go up there and take it, no set time or date or anything. So Im gunna try to wait until Thursday or Friday. The last time I smoked was last night. I'm already trying to drink as much water as I can.

    I'm 6'0, 230 LBs, and am a heavy smoker (usually about 5-6 bowls a day).

    I went to GNC, and bought the Omni Extra Strength Cleansing Softgel.

    It says the more water the better, urinate frequently, dont eat for 3 hours before taking.

    I've read to take 3-4 hours before taking the drug test, so Im gunna do that.

    Has ANYONE had any success with this softgel before?? If not, what Detox drink do you recommend because I'll just take this back.

    BUT, the guy at the head shop recommended this instead of the Detox drinks.

    Like I said, I HAVE to pass this test or I am screwed. It's so BS that they are doing this, I dont smoke weed on the job, I wake up, go to work, come home, play with my kids, then smoke my lungs out with the wife. How does that hurt anything? What does that have to do with my job performance? I HATE DRUG TESTS!

    ALSO, should I take something else too, like Niacin or whatever?
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  2. Priestkc31

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  3. Burnt Toast

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    Forget the cleansing potions

    All those magic cleansing products are a scam. Of course they want you to drink a lot of water - they work because of the water thats required to be consumed with them. They are nothing but overpriced diluters. They work by temporarily diluting the THCA concentration thats present in the bladder - enough to fool the THC screen. The same thing can be accomplished for $$$ less by following the guidelines in the Dilution sticky thread.

    And more water is not better. Drinking more water than what is recommended in the Dilution guidelines increases the chance of the sample coming back too-diluted.

    Niacin is a myth. It does nothing to pass a U/A. As with the magic cleansing potions, its the water consumption and not the niacin itself, that allowed those people to test negative.

    There is no product that can permanently rid the body of THC. Only time and exercise can do this.
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  4. Priestkc31

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    so do u recommend taking back the Omni?

    Im definetely doing the dilution steps after reading them, but maybe taking Omni too would help? It has creatine in it.
  5. Burnt Toast

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    Yes, get rid of the snake oil..


    Doing both the dilution and the magic potion increases the chance of a too-dilute result.

    Plus, it must be understood that it takes 2-3 days for creatine to metabolize into creatinine (which is what the labs test to determine a diluted sample). Therefore, taking creatine on the day of the U/A is useless.
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    Substitute if you can. Read the sub stickie very carefully and follow it exactly. If subbing is out of the question, dilute and follow those instructions exactly. Good luck and let us know how things turn out.

    I work in a job where I'm subject to random unannounced testing (let's go now and I'm driven to the test facility by a supervisor). I'm not doing anything anymore until I'm no longer in this job.
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  7. Priestkc31

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    well i failed. Omni didnt work.

    And I also tried the dilution steps, and i still failed.

    Lost the best job i have ever had, and am now officially screwed with 2 kids.
  8. jeffman

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    Sorry too hear that. Put it behind you for your wife and kids and sub with qf if you can next time. If it's true everything happens for a reason them something good is coming your way. Good luck...:thumbsup:
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