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Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by girlsforscience, Jan 10, 2017.

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    I have 3 agrobrite 8 tube fixtures running the eye hortilux veg recommended lights (far+uv, 420, 460). I'm trying to keep mothers under them. I've had a bad luck streak taking clones. My mothers were taken out of a room with HPS (still in veg stage). The mothers are having apparent trouble transitioning. I'm trying to keep HPS for bloom only in the future, and have a proper veg room, but the conversion isn't going smoothly. I had 3 mothers that I cropped the leaves and roots on prior to putting under new veg lights in new set-up, but they showed obvious signs of stress to the point of near death, despite using super thrive to try to help transplant shock. The rest I brought in as is, and they have done better, but also show signs of stress. Trying to make things right. Need to get this clone thing sorted out. Temps at 70-75, humidity 45, light adequate, water pH great, feedback??

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