Eye Problems.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Ms. Floyd, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Ms. Floyd

    Ms. Floyd Registered+

    I smoked a lot in the past three days. Well... I smoked half an ounce to myself. I have been high from the time I got out of bed to the time I get back into bed. Anyways... Today... my eyes where killing me!! The back off my eyes feel wierd. I can't describe the feeling, but its really uncomfortable. They even hurt when I close them.

    Do my eyes hurt because of my smoking?:confused: Has this happened to anyone else?

    Its totally tripping me out and becoming a buzz kill.

    In the mean time... I will continue blazing.

  2. enthused

    enthused Registered+

    maybe the increase in smoking for the couple of days. i dunno really. :( hope it gets better
  3. Ms. Floyd

    Ms. Floyd Registered+

    Your bong is amazing.
  4. Inferius

    Inferius Registered+

    Do you have any allergies?
    Have you been rubbing your eyes, or put a lot of pressure on them in any way?
    Do your eyes dry out when you smoke?
  5. like he said, if you've been rubbing them or something they'll get sore. but i have no idea why your eyes are hurting to be honest. i dont see how your eyes hurting could be attributable to smoking. coincidence maybe
  6. kman

    kman Registered+

    hmm, do u get mad red eyes? i know sumtimes wen my eyes go red they sting a bit, and i geuss if ur eyes are like that for a few days and u maybe rub em and shit that cud hurt em
  7. Ms. Floyd

    Ms. Floyd Registered+

    I actually don't rub my eyes. Sometimes they can get really dry... I put visine in and they still hurt. It might be coincidence... not sure.

    Sometimes they get so bad... they turn purple!

    Its so odd.
  8. Bob the Awesome

    Bob the Awesome Registered+

    I know THC causes red eye and lowers inter-ocular pressure, but I've never heard of or experienced anything like you're saying.

    I'd check into other possible causes too. I know from experience the dangers of blaming things on pot when it's really something else entirely.
  9. InTheJungle

    InTheJungle Registered+

    Hmmm. I know that a few weeks ago I blazed constantly for like 4 days straight, and in the end I had a terrible headache. Could be just an overload I suppose. A half a day without blazing and you should be ok. Good luck. :)
  10. Don Don

    Don Don Registered+

    Just use eyedrops to keep your eyes moist otherwise you'll get red eye.All that happens is that the blood vessels in your eyes get larger do to the "circulatory factor" in cannabis.Always keep eyedrops on hand.
  11. InTheJungle

    InTheJungle Registered+

    I like to keep a small bottle of Visine in my room at all times. I prefer blazed eyes, but use the drops when I have to be somewhere.
  12. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+

    It's very interesting, the etymology behind this, because it can be very easily explained, if you'll read me.

    When the body experiences a headache, it is due to the dilation of the blood vessels in the brain; essentially, the blood vessels open up wider than normal, and press against nerves surrounding the brain and skull, because the brain itself cannot feel pain.

    The same thing is going on with your eyes- the blood vessels are dilating and pressing against your ocular nerves in excess. Glaucoma patients have trouble with blood pressure behind their eyes, and smoking pot helps widen the blood vessels in order for the blood to have more room to flow around, and thus regulating the ocular blood pressure, reducing any possibility of damage to the eye or ocular nerve.

    In simple terms, lay of the pot for a bit, and drink caffiene- this will help return the blood vessels to their normal size :)
  13. InTheJungle

    InTheJungle Registered+

    Purple, thanks for that info actually. Now I know that my headaches were from the amount I burned, since they always came on after constant sessions. . .
  14. Ms. Floyd

    Ms. Floyd Registered+


    Hey guys... thanks so much. Purple Banana... thanks!! I haven't smoked at all today, drank a lot of coke and stuff with caffeine. My eyes are a little sensative to the light... but I don't feel that pressure anymore.


    I blame my eyes!! Hahahaha. Yeah... thanks so much for the tips.
    Its impossible for me not smoke for a day. But... I can smoke less. So... we shall see how today.

    Has anyone gotten to the point where your eyes are purple? That happens to me alot. Is that normal?
  15. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    No, I have never had my eyes turn purple....you should get that checked out and report back :(.
  16. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+

    Yer welcome ^-^ It's lovely to work in healthcare to know the technical stuff behind all of it... That is until you smoke a bowl and forget most of it until you're sober again :p
  17. Purple Banana

    Purple Banana Registered+

    The term is used in how words are broken down, but it's used as a loose slang term in some med schools in order to break down disease and disorder processes... I actually found this to be hilarious, as I switched majors from pre-med to English my last year of med school. Believe me, being a doctor is not what it's cracked up to be.

    Excellent catch, though :)
  18. Frozen Sativa

    Frozen Sativa Registered+

    One time after some Purple I could make out the individual viens in my eyes by the feeling. My eyelids felt like grids, and when i closed my eyes and looked into the light I could see the bloodvessels. It was uncomfortable, but reallly trippy!
  19. Inferius

    Inferius Registered+

    My eyes have been purple only once.
    I think I jumped backwards when I looked in the mirror.
    It was my second or third high I think.
  20. LittLeWinG

    LittLeWinG Registered+

    i would love to be a doctor and study science's and medicine :( but i can't because i chose humanity subjects for my final year of highschool :( which means i dont have the pre-requisites to study sciences at university, which i am really upset about.

    Only reason why i didnt do sciences is because i didnt think i could do the harder maths, and now i realise i was stupid because i can.


    Science subjects are what i want to study :( now i have to spend my life studying subjects im not really interested in and there is nothing i can do about it.

    Fuck i hate it how the Government has so much control.

    Shit i am totally off topic, i guess i really needed to get that off my chest (im to embaressed to tell my parents because they wanted me to do the harder maths and sciences) It's not fair to let a child make those decisions :(


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