Failed home test, want to test run the dilution method.

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by K9Dman, Jun 16, 2010.

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    I'm 5'6, 115lbs, smoked 1 bowl daily for the last 2 years. Found out I have a drug test for my job. As soon as I found out, I quit smoking. It's been 1 week now and I took a home drug test with my morning urine...failed (no line). My scheduled drug test is tomorrow afternoon. I'm super paranoid so should I "test run" the dilution method today (already started loading up on water/gatorade), then take the home test to see if I can pass the home test? My logic is if I can pass the home test with my diluted pee, I should be able to pass the actual drug test with flying colors tomorrow, assuming I do the dilution method again. Thanks a million. This forum has great and valuable information. Just want some extra input. BTW,,,I do have a bottle of QCarbo, which I plan on using tomorrow too.
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    Forget the magic detox potion and stick with only the Dilution method. Using both the Dilution method and the magic potion on the day of the U/A will increase the chance of the sample being overdiluted.
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    Drink as much water as you can bear...and then drink some more!
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    Thanks Burnt Toast for the heads up. Will be home testing in a few hours. Will post the results.
  5. Burnt Toast

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    Bad advice. With integrity checks being the norm these days, this will certainly result in a "too-dilute" ruling.

    For proper ways to dilute while staying ahead of the integrity police, stick with the Dilution sticky thread.
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  6. K9Dman

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    Passed the home test! :)

    I documented everything so I will follow the same routine for tomorrow's actual test. Thanks to N2 and thank you Burnt Toast for chiming in. I will post actual results tomorrow. Wish me luck.

    -8:00am - took First Check THC Home Test, first pee of the day - failed (no line).
    11:00am -after posting on this awesome forum, I started the Dilution Method "test run" and started loading up on Water and Cranberry Juice.
    12noon - Pee'd (slight color) like a racehorse, replenishing with more water.
    12:15pm - P'd (clear color), followed by more water.
    12:50pm - P'd (clear color), followed by downing half of a 32oz Powerade (Lemon Lime flavor) and more water.
    1:33pm - P'd (clear color), followed by downing the rest of the Powerade. Also drank more water.
    2:00pm - took 10 B-Complex tablets with more water.
    2:05pm - P'd (clear color)
    2:45pm - P'd (slight yellow/greenish color)
    3:13pm - P'd (yellow/greenish color)
    3:45pm - P'd midway stream into First Check THC Home Test cup filling it just past the minimum line. Color was same, yellow/greenish. Put the lid on and waited while crossing my fingers. Line showed up this time - PASS!!! :)
    4:15pm - Took another First Check THC Home test, again midstream and PASSED again!!!!! How ironic that it's 4:20pm. :)
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    I hope you have been taking creatine the past couple of days. It's seldom enough these days to simply waterload for the reasons Burnt Toast mentioned above in response #5 about integrity checks.

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