Faint First Check drug test, need more opinions on if its Negative before Meps

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by andrewmh11, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. andrewmh11

    andrewmh11 Registered

    I understand that faint lines mean it is negative, but I need some more opinions before I leave for MEPS in a few days. I've asked my recruiter to test me before sending me to the hotel, and if I fail that then he will reschedule my MEPS date, so I'm not too worried. Just looking for more opinions.
    I don't know if it shows up on camera as good, but I see a faint, light pink line

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  2. Roadrunner954

    Roadrunner954 Registered

    I'm in the same boat. Your test look identical to mine. Did u pass?
  3. underanxiety777

    underanxiety777 Registered

    looks like mine, did u pass??
  4. sunshinekitty

    sunshinekitty Registered

    just had a good look in to photo you provided and in my opinion looks good you should pas no problem!!!
  5. underanxiety777

    underanxiety777 Registered

    can u guys check my thread out??? i need opinions as well

  6. Roadrunner954

    Roadrunner954 Registered

    I actually rescheduled it for Tuesday next week to buy me more time. By then I'll be 31 days clean.
  7. rsad

    rsad Registered+

    mine is basically the same, maybe even lighter

    i actually took a test 3 days ago, and then today, and the line got even lighter? the fuck. Smoked 5 weeks ago
  8. underanxiety777

    underanxiety777 Registered

    How'd it go?? I passed mine! tons of water, exercise week before and week of and a shot of apple cider vinegar the morning of the test, only 9 days clean! infrequent smoker. 180 lbs, 5'6' ft.
  9. Jerra

    Jerra Registered

    Hi guys!
    Just had my labcorp test today and totally worried!! I was just wondering if anyone can take a look at this picture and tell me if they can see the line on my at home test or if I am playing tricks on myself. Thanks in advance!!

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  10. underanxiety777

    underanxiety777 Registered

    I have a thread! similar readings and i passed. I say your fine. but i did take two to be sure!
  11. Destiny Jones

    Destiny Jones Registered

    Hi. My test is in two days, and home tested last night and this is what i got. Is this more on the positive side than the negative side. I plan on testing again tomorrow morning to see if anything changed.

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  12. $ix figures

    $ix figures Registered

    Took the same exact test, looks like the same exact results u got? Did u end up passing or failing?
  13. BrianLenny

    BrianLenny Registered

    Mine's identical to everyone's, 40 days clean faint line. Can i pass a meps test??

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