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    Hi, firstly thanks for the real help on these forums. The best source I have found. I have read all the stickies I can find on the subject, but am looking for first hand experience to reassure.

    I am aware of what has been said regarding a faint line: that it is essentially passing and I should be fine. I get this on the first void of the day, after about a week and a half of being clean with a no carb, no sugar, no fat, and lots of exercise. I primarily ate medical brownies or smoked resin. I have another week until my pre-employment test at LabCorp, and was planning on diluting a bit just to be sure, but not doing the full dilution as I don't think I'll get a second chance.

    Was feeling OK until I read this at alwaystestclean.com:

    "Between 5 minutes and 10 minutes any faint line on the test region (T) could indicate that the drug in the sample could be near the cut-off level for the urine drug test. However, any line in the test area (T), no matter how faint, might be interpreted as a potentially positive test."

    Every story I have followed about my situation always ends up with the guy promising to get back with how it turned out, but ends in a dead thread. Looking for advice or assurance or first hand experience with a discernible but faint line. I know this is a repeat but I need some dialog.

    Thanks again for all the solid facts I have gotten here. You folks are the best.
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    I went to check out that site and apparently it is down. But regardless, the info is incorrect. On any assay, a line in both the "C" window and the "T" window (regardless of intensity) is a negative.

    To conclude that a faint line is indicative to being near the cutoff would be sheer speculation, since assays lack the ability to yield a quantitative analysis (unlike the GC/MS test).

    And wrongly so as well. Even synthetic urines, which contain no drug metabolites at all, can produce a faint line on an assay.
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    Thanks so much for the reply. I guess my paranoia and comes from how quickly I got clean. I used to eat several nibbles of sativa medical cookies everyday for years, and then started smoking daily (sometimes along with the cookie) about 2 months ago, about 3-4 times a day (usually about half resin, though). I am measuring by the first void of the morning (usually on the heels of a void a few hours before) and for three days in a row I get the faint line. As I have never seen a two lines of the same intensity, I worried)

    Here is the link by the way:

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    Yes, I know they are trying to sell something and cater to fear in the process. Thanks for providing sound reasoning. I will stick to my original plan and dilute a bit just to be safe.

    And, I promise to share my results from LabCorp next Friday.
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    Just wanted to relay that I passed my test and start tomorrow. I drank a gatorade in the AM. Thanks, Mr. Burnt, for all of your patient and knowledge-filled replies. You really helped alot.

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