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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by ruthie94, Jan 18, 2016.

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    Hi ppl. Been smokin daily almost a g of like high but not top shelf grade bud since 2012. Got put on probation January 4th 2017 and went down to a bowl a day about on the 26th of January and have been clean now since the 14th of February from all substances. My p.osaid she's giving me until the end of February to get it out of my system and I see her the 28th (in 72 hrs) so I'm assuming she's gonna test me than. She gave me time bc I broke my femur in July and had a rod put it ,And I have been clean off a IV heroin habit since June 29 so no painkillers for me and she understands I was in pain and such, anyways I took a Walgreens test on Friday (last night, so 96 hours before probation test) and it came up with the faintest line in the world I think, I'll post a pic. Do you think I'll be okay or??? I'm not even on real probation. It's supervised supervision for a first time dui so I'm not really worried about jail I think at worst I would have to do inpatient. I'm super skinny. 6ft and 145 lb male. Just want others opionion to calm my nerves or to know that I need to dilute super heavy to almost the point of drowning my cells out which is how I usually pass drug tests but I'd obviously rather not and plan on staying totally drug free for the remainder of my supervision. Sorry for the text wall but yeah. A little stressed out and it's been a fucked up couple of months, Anyways here's the pic lemme know what u think. I have 72 hours and my uptake on h2o and 100% cran juice is increased anyways. Thank you. Btw took the pic with my iPhone and had trouble getting it to focus but that line you think you may not be able to see is definitely there

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    That looks like a pass to me. :)


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    Have to take your word for it. I see no line.

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