Faint line on at home drug test

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by ruthie94, Jan 18, 2016.

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    Hi ppl. Been smokin daily almost a g of like high but not top shelf grade bud since 2012. Got put on probation January 4th 2017 and went down to a bowl a day about on the 26th of January and have been clean now since the 14th of February from all substances. My p.osaid she's giving me until the end of February to get it out of my system and I see her the 28th (in 72 hrs) so I'm assuming she's gonna test me than. She gave me time bc I broke my femur in July and had a rod put it ,And I have been clean off a IV heroin habit since June 29 so no painkillers for me and she understands I was in pain and such, anyways I took a Walgreens test on Friday (last night, so 96 hours before probation test) and it came up with the faintest line in the world I think, I'll post a pic. Do you think I'll be okay or??? I'm not even on real probation. It's supervised supervision for a first time dui so I'm not really worried about jail I think at worst I would have to do inpatient. I'm super skinny. 6ft and 145 lb male. Just want others opionion to calm my nerves or to know that I need to dilute super heavy to almost the point of drowning my cells out which is how I usually pass drug tests but I'd obviously rather not and plan on staying totally drug free for the remainder of my supervision. Sorry for the text wall but yeah. A little stressed out and it's been a fucked up couple of months, Anyways here's the pic lemme know what u think. I have 72 hours and my uptake on h2o and 100% cran juice is increased anyways. Thank you. Btw took the pic with my iPhone and had trouble getting it to focus but that line you think you may not be able to see is definitely there

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    That looks like a pass to me. :)


    "Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy."

    Wee 'zard
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    Have to take your word for it. I see no line.
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    I've been thru this twice with the home drug test kits. A lot of lab techs will say that any line no matter the color is a neg, so as long as there is a line present it's a neg. Home THC test kits are very natarious for showing the nervous ghost lines. But I assure all of you that if you can see the line, you're good to go. Also if you drink lots of water beforehand it will better your chances of passing the 50by cut off. I passed both at home test kits both with very faint lines than a week later passed the labcorp test.
    Best of luck to all my fellow stoners
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    My appologies if I were to start a new thread. I thought I'd keep this thread going. From your experiences I feel like I'd pass my test too but again, you know, I'm anxious as hell.

    I smoke about a ounce a month. I'm 5'6" and weigh in at 172 lbs. I've been clean for about 18 days now.

    I went in for my lab test at quest diagnostics and it came back negative dilute. I drank a lot of water that day without any creatine/vitamins. I have a retest on Tuesday.

    I took a home drug test with my first void and see a faint line under thc but the rest are nice and dark. For my second void a few hours later I only had the thc test and again, faint line :/

    I can't dilute on my second test and plan on drinking 32oz gatorade with creatine supplement 2 hours before the test.

    Do y'all think I'll pass? I've attached pictures just incase. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

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    Bro, you're good to go bud. Those lines are clearly visible. Don't be worried I am 99% assured you'll pass.
    Best of luck.
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    Thanks a ton. I dunno why I'm worried but I guess it's just human tendency. Shall let y'all know about the result :)
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    Hey guys. I havent been smoking for about 25 days. I was a heavy smoker everyday. I ve been taking at home test every other day after my 14day mark. All of which were dirty no line at all. I took one this morning and i seen a faint line. I got excited like its too good to be true nd i took another one but the line wasnt there...does this mean im close to being clean or am i clean. Or am i on the border of being clean. I jus need some reassurance. Since i stopped smokimg that was my first ever faint line...someone please help me out here.
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    I'm in the exact same boat as you! :( My test is in two days! Did you end up passing?
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    image.jpeg I took a at home drug test and the line is super faint. What are your thoughts, you think I'll pass?
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    HELP! Do you think I can pass my drug test tomorrow???

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    So just wanna put this out there and make sure and tell everyone to be aware of the kind of drug test you will be requiring to take. Most employment screenings are urine samples but make sure and ask so that you may be prepared for whatever kind they give you, where it be urine, blood, hair, etc. check out this article to make sure you know stay one step ahead - http://www.straightdetox.com/drug-test-types/
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    Hey recently joined, curious what you all think of my at home test, will I pass? Wanted to add the 50ng one is the one I need to pass, sorry about the glare, the lines are very faint on the last 3 just curious

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    So I'm new to this i cant fucking figure out how to create a forum so ill just reply here. I am regular using. I have been smoking for 6 years straight everyday or every other day. I just quit smoking weed been like 5 days. I am pretty skinny I am runner, I work out like crazy. I got an interview at a hospital tomorrow and I feel like im fucked. Im not sure if they will drug test me on the spot. She said theres other interviews so im hoping maybe they will just wait. Any tips what should I do??
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    Don't smoke until you know you're in the clear, and keep exercising! Hopfully by the time they test you, you'll be clean since you said you have a pretty fast metabolism. How'd the interview go?
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    The glare sucks, but I say you passed! My lines were faint as well, but got stronger by the day. I just got my results back and I passed my test, so you should be good :)
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    hate to be the bearer of bad news but yeah if u barely stopped like 5 days ago then its still in ur system. what u can do if u want to be on the safe side is either buy an instant detox drink or buy some synthetic urine.
    if u go the drink route u can drink it an hr and a half before ur test and u will be good, but my opinion is to go with the synthetic urine. this is the brand I recommend. I have yet to find anyone who has failed their test after using it
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    Did you pass?? My line looks the same too! I'm on day 10 of being clean

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