Faint line on at home drug test

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by ruthie94, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. No_l boy

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    Congrats bro. Im still waiting will update wish me luck
  2. Cb6565

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    So a faint line is a pass?
  3. Domaloushie

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    All. Just wanted to update since usually folks don't on most forums :( I passed my test! The first round came up as negative dilute as I accidently drank too much water before hand. They had me retest with a day in between.. I tried to load on creatine to avoid those levels being too low, didn't drink water the night before (or very little) and drank a 24oz of Gatorade the day of to bring up specific gravity levels. Passed with flying colors. Good luck to you all! If your results looked anything like mine.. You'll be good to go. Cheers!
  4. No_l boy

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    Thanks for update congrats it’s been a week today I took the drug test but I haven’t gotten a call about it so I’m guessing it’s good
  5. Steven Ad

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    I took a Walgreen’s take home test as well. It’s been a day short of a month since I burned. Can anyone tell me if there is a faint line visible or am I vein mislead with my eyes???

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  6. Weezard

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    I see no line.
    Looks like a fail.
    Don't panic yet.
    Check the date code on that test. They do expire.
  7. EddieSG

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    [​IMG] I've been clean for 24 days. I'm 6'3 140 lbs. Do you think I'll pass for tomorrow?
  8. EddieSG

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    I've been clean for 24 days. I'm 6'3 140 lbs. Do you think I'll pass for tomorrow?
    20171116_183312[1].jpg 20171116_180737[1].jpg
  9. Weezard

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    I see a line.
  10. alliecat1

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    Hey everyone, do you think this will be a pass? Testing on Monday and super nervous

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  11. Freakingout420

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    Hey guys I took a drug screen on 11-14. It was sent to a lab (alere escreen) I was clean for around 55 days before this test. I passed 4 home tests with first void of the day. Anyway I called escreen on 11-17 They told me the results were sent to the employer and they had no questions for me. Do you guys think that means that I passed? There was am MRO listed on the paper that they gave me test was a 1205 standard 9 panel. Btw I will post the results once I know for sire 100%
  12. surfing1

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    Alliecat that looks like a pass to me. Good luck
  13. Hs3227707

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    help, does anybody think i pased my drug test? Took this a couple days before. I feel like I should be fine but im nervous it’s been 2 weeks since i smoke and it was only a couple hits

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  14. Sammykinz

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    Mines looks exactly like that did u pass?
  15. Sammykinz

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    Hi I'm new and this is confusing on how to post... But I smoked a joint on Saturday after not smoking for 6months my test is tomorrow and my drug test look like this. Do these look like I'll pass its for employment. Thanks!
  16. Fortmacdude

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    So I tested once in the afternoon. One the next morning. And the third the same day. Just later in the evening. My concern is it took half an hour to and hour for the lines to get darker. Is that a problem?? I have 13 more tests. I’ve been working out. Chugging lemon water. Wearing three sets of clothes and sweating like crazy. I’m on my third detox. Natural detox’s. My piss test in on the 18th of December and it’s the ninth rn. I’m gonna continue to keep up my strategy till two days before my test and eat fat foods and Gatorade. Should I be good? Anyone else line take a while to darken? They were faint as I wanted the “5 mins” but they got darker later on! Hellpppp

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  17. JonyKo

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    I have almost the same situation as you. But my friend Jons has otherwise gone.
    It's strange.
    Will need test again i think!
  18. Yam928

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    Been over a week since I smoked last, I was a super light smoker. 120 pounds, 5'6. Woke up this morning and went straight to pissing in a cup, I accidentally left the test strip soaking for 5 minutes instead of 10 seconds and still got a faint line. Should I be worried? I'm supposed to get tested in a couple hours

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  19. Canamatt

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    Damn ghost lines! Heres one I just did from the walgreens at home drug test kit for marijuana. What do ya'll think? I may or may not get the job offer but If I do I'll be tested so... what do you guys think? Faint or non existent?
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  20. Canamatt

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    How the fuck do i post a pic?

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