Faint line on at home drug test

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by ruthie94, Jan 18, 2016.

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    Thanks! I'll have to look into that or recommend these tests to my friends!
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    Can I humbly request that the folks who posted in this thread recently please let us know their official results when they get a chance? It'd be really informative for people with faint lines now and in the future.
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    I can safely say that I passed tomorrow will be a week the mro has not called me the job didnt say nothing either about the drug test but I might not get the job because of my driving abstract I hate the nypd always getting a DWB (Driving while Black) But any 1 with a faint line can pass regardless drink plenty of water and juice with sodium it probably took a while to get to my job cuz of my neon looking urine but a line is a line even a faint 1 its safe to drink a bottle of water every hour or every 45 minutes any questions I will answer and this was a DOT drug test
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    Hey all, just wanted to check back in. I also passed, I believe it was a non-DOT standard 9-panel. I had about 40 Oz of liquid before the test.
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    What were you guys' smoking patterns and number of days clean before testing?
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    I was smoking multiple times a day I smoked used a 7 day detox and I was clean after detox and was getting faint lines for a while im 230lbs normally would take 90+ days but with detox it will go faster I had good detox program got rid of it fast I was clean for 50days tho before the test but I could have passed the test day 10 if i wanted with the detox too but was worried about faint lines
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    Sure, I have my test tomorrow so if I get an orientation email then I'll be sure to update you all about me passing!
  8. SneakyMcgee

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    Hey again! I'm continuing to read this board until I know I'm in the clear with official results, despite having a long-ish time and everyone telling me I have nothing to worry about (I really am that neurotic, and not toking for nearly 90 days now sure as hell hasn't helped).

    I wanted to reply to this post alleging counterfeit easy@home strips, based on my own experience now having tried both "versions" of the strips.

    A month ago I bought a 15-pack from Amazon, and it came in a greenish box. The strips were packaged in pouches with the dot-matrix style font, with a 2-8-19 expiry date. The strips themselves lacked the "faint" negative diagram and the word "preliminary" next to the positive diagram, just like the photos in leaperleigh's post. I used these strips for a couple of my posts here.

    A few weeks ago I bought another 15-pack from the Easy@home website, and they were EXACTLY the same as the previous box I purchased from Amazon. Their performance seemed to be about the same as well, judging from the strength of my lines.

    Just yesterday I received a third box purchased from Amazon. This box now was more of a blue color, and the pouches themselves resembled the other pouch from leaperleah's post, with a 9-4-19 expiry date and printed in a narrow-ish font rather than dot matrix. The strips themselves showed the "strong" and "faint" dual negative diagrams and had the word "preliminary" next to positive, just as shown in leaperleigh's post from earlier. And just as she reported, the test line is notably stronger than the other version of the strips. My comparison results were very similar to hers, although the lines in both cases were a bit darker. Comparing one of these "blue box" tests performed yesterday to a "green box" test performed at the same times the day before (tried both later in the day and first morning voids) showed MUCH darker test lines on the "blue box" version.

    It was alleged that these "blue box" strips were the genuine strips and those appearing like the other strips (green box, dot matrix pouch printing, single "negative" diagram, no "preliminary") may have been counterfeit, as she purchased them off eBay, a site well-known for occasionally allowing people to sell phony merchandise. Based on my experience and from where I purchased my strips (first receiving a "green box" from Amazon, then a "green box" from the official site, then receiving a "blue box" from Amazon) and the expiry dates, it's my belief that the version of the strips with the dual negative diagram is simply a newer version of the strip from the manufacturer, and that both could be genuine. That's not to say that strips purchased from eBay are definitely trustworthy, but I would urge folks to resist thinking their strips might be counterfeit based on appearance alone.

    That said, the test lines for the "blue box"/dual negative diagram strips are definitely, significantly darker. The lines appear quickly and develop much darker than the other strips, and I wonder if this was a deliberate thing by the manufacturer improving the chemistry to produce a darker line or simply due to a newer version of the strips having a little fresher enzyme with better activity and therefore producing darker lines. I am a scientist but not a protein chemist, and have performed immunoassays in the lab and know that enzymatic activity of colorometric reagents can be variable depending on their age. I wonder if that's what happening here with a "fresher" version of the test: judging from the difference in the expry dates (almost 7 months' difference) and the fact that the difference between the date of manufacture and expiry dates probably remains consistent, we can possibly surmise that the enzyme on the "blue box" strips are possibly 7 months fresher than the other version. That could easily result in a noticeable difference in activity, particularly when the enzyme is stored in a dry matrix at room temperature.

    Hope this helps anyone who's similarly confused about the differences between easy@home strips and the sometimes faint lines. Just a +1 on the observations regarding darker lines with the "dual negative" diagram version of the strip, and an alternative hypothesis for why that might be. I'm still nervous as fuck about my test, but there's not a whole lot I can do about it now (the move is on, already left my last job, too late to turn back).
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    Hey everyone, just coming back to tell you all I passed! Looking forward to starting a new job!

    This has taught me that a line is a line, and that means negative!
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    Congrats man!! I'm really happy for you. I'm a little less big than you (5'10"/205lb), was a several-times-a-day user for about 4 years, and quit cold turkey the first week of November. 2 weeks til I have my own pre-emp wizz quiz and your story helps give me some more confidence.

    Like you, I tapered way down in my last month of using, smoking much less frequently and using much lower quality flowers. It made the withdrawal a lot easier once I quit and I feel like has helped me reach "cleanliness" a little quicker.

    Today is 90 days for me. I bought some of the ultra sensitive 15ng/mL strip tests from ÜTest and tried one on my first void this morning. Faint line, but definitely there. The 50ng easy@home strips are coming out nice and dark now. Those are shown on the right in the image below.

    On the left is a 15ng/mL test from last night, after a few beers (but not deliberate dilution).

    I feel I should be good now. But I'm moving across country for this job (and spending nearly every dollar I have to do so.. I'm getting moving compensation but I don't actually get it til I'm officially hired and on the payroll). So I've got a lot at stake, hence my extreme neurosis about the piss test. I'm calming a little over it lately given my recent results, plus I've got more pressing moving worries to obsess over. I'll be so glad when this is over.

    I swear I'm never using again. If I don't have a heart attack this time waiting for the all clear, I probably would if I ever put myself through this again.
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    Vape pen multiple times a day for months now. I was about 60 days clean.
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    A line is a line the color has nothing to do with amount of thc in your system
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    Posted a separate thread, but this looks like the happening spot. Trust me, I've looked at every posters reply and photos at this point lol.

    So I'm pretty sure I passed. Been 10 days clean, had only smoked like 3 random times in the month. The last being 10 days ago (and we spoke spliffs, tobacco and bud mix....yeah we are cheap and we just like tobacco!) I'm also 5'11", 140ish and lean/muscular, so im hoping that helps. I had a test today and below are my at home tests from today. The first two photos are of a 50mg and a20mg test. And the last 50mg photo is right after my actual test (I know I'm neurotic at this point after testing myself 15 times in 7 days. I've had faint lines since day 4, and they get darker, but sometimes lighter.) My first 20mg test 2 days was actually darker odd enough. I even tested my husband as a control (daily smoker) and his came back for sure positive on one 50mg test.

    The hospital I went to (which initially scared the piss, literally, out of me) said on their website they do a 50mg test. I went in and to my surprise they basically had a rapid test like what you take at home. They had a Quickscreen brand believe. The technician, who had zero personality or tone making it even more nerve wracking, told me they only send to a lab if they get a positive. After about 2-3 minutes, he grabbed the Quickscreen, tossed it in the trash and proceeded to tell me I could leave after signing a paper. The speed made me think it's totally fine. Thoughts welcomed! I'll post back when I get results or start my new awesome job that is more lucrative than anything I've had before!

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    Looks similar to my situation (I posted a thread today, but no responses yet). My fingers are crossed that they're testing at 50 ng/mL for me too. I am not as lean as you are (I've really been slacking the last several months). I would be feeling pretty good right now if I were you....but I know it's very easy for me to say. :) My D-day is Monday, which will be day 10 for me as well.
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    Well, let me know how it goes! It's been 48 hours and no contact from anyone, but I'm going to give it until Monday to make it 72 hours (business days anyways) to give myself reassurance I'm in the clear. I'm pretty for sure I passed, but the suspense is killing me! I'll update next week when I know for sure in case anyone else is in my situation! Good luck and good vibes Hardy!
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    Well, I passed! Just got the call :) Still not sure if it was a 20mg or 50mg, but I'm pretty sure it was 50mg. All I can say is that if you have a decently solid line at 50mg on a few tests, you should be 99% golden for a pre-employment test. It appears they all do the "at-home style of testing initially, and only send to a lab if there is positive. Then they test further. So order a pack of 10-15 test online, test yourself for a few days to gauge, and make sure to use your 5th+ void of the day. I also downed a Gatorade directly before the test and took a B-12 a few hours before. Not sure it mattered, but it can't hurt! Chief on fellow plant users!

    (Side note, I'm gonna keep with the once a week endevor in case this arises in the future since I know my approximate detox time. Hopefully, I shouldn't need too!)
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    Just an FYI that I got the 20ng tests in the mail today and tested negative this afternoon (Day 8). I haven't been drinking excessive amounts of water/fluids or really doing anything out of the ordinary. Feeling pretty good about my test Monday. I'll still go in the afternoon, putting down a decent amount of water, a B vitamin and probably a Gatorade beforehand.
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    Just took my test today. I was really hoping they would use a dipstick, at least initially, but they send it out to a lab, so they sealed everything up and had me initial the specimens. So now I get to be worried sick for the next three days , imagining them sending it to some top-notch medical lab with white coats hovering over an electron microscope to see if I'm some dirtbag pothead.

    I've taken 8 home tests in the past three days, both 50ng & 20ng cutoffs, using three different brands. I passed every one of them, even the first ones of the day. But I'll still be nervous AF until the employer tells me I can start. This whole thing sucks.
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    Looks like I passed. I asked the contracting firm today if the background check was complete (didn't specifically ask about the drug test, but that is part of the BG check) and if there was a start date. She said the BG check was complete and that the company would contact me directly about the start date. So looks like I'm in the clear.

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