Faint Lines: HUGE difference between two products - Easy@Home VS First Check

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by M0NSTAR, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. M0NSTAR

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    Check out the difference between these two dip sticks.

    Background: Chronic/heavy smoker, clean for 21 days. My test is in 4 days, so I'll be clean for 25 days. Height 6'3, weight 270 (pretty fat).

    Easy@Home Test: Extremely faint line (not even visible on the photo).
    $9 from Amazon for 15 tests ($0.60 a test)

    First Check Test: Clearly visible line, almost as strong as the control.
    $13 from CVS for a single test

    Both tests are advertised as 50 ng cutoff level.
    Both tests were taken from the same heavily diluted sample (I drank about 1.2 gallons over 3 hours)

    What do you make of this? Do you think I can pass in 4 days (with dilution), after being clean for 25 days? Not sure which one to trust.

  2. Vanvooh

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    Seems like they might be testing fir different drugs. I personally am using easy at home. I thinks it’s valud. I then switched to another brand. Utest and the results are consistent. I’m guessing maybe a faulty strip? Did you pass your drug test?

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