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  1. doctahdoobie

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    Today I bought some incense that I know would totally pass as opium. The incense is called LAXMI DHOOP. I got a box for 2 bucks. Its not too soft but you can roll it into a snake or ball and of course smells like opium. Also there are yellow pills called BUSEBARS and they look exactly like yellow xanax.
  2. notrightquite

    notrightquite Registered+

    ... why the hell are you telling us this? Are you planning to sell it to people and rip them off like a dick?
  3. doctahdoobie

    doctahdoobie Registered+

    i suppose i could. but it would also be a good thing to know. might save you from getting screwed.
  4. Melton420

    Melton420 Registered+

    yea but your intentions were to rip someone off........ NOT COOL
  5. doctahdoobie

    doctahdoobie Registered+

    I did not say that I was going to rip anyone off. The incense actually smell nice I bought them along with some super hits. I think you guys kinda assumed that. Ripping people off isn't cool and thats not somthing you have to tell people.

    But if anyone does know of other things that could pose a threat let me know.

    Today a friend told me there are red pills sold at (walmart maybe?) that have the imprint of a butterfly on one side and is actually for menopause. I have heard of they are used to pass for E.
  6. hipEstoner

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    i had a real butterfly b fore,, 2 of them actaually ,, they are great
  7. bedake

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    My brother sold catnip to this 12 year old this was like 5 years ago my bro was only like 14, but yea my brother sold him cat nip as weed, got a free 30 bucks haha... at least it wasnt something the kid could hurt himself on
  8. drinksmokesleep

    drinksmokesleep Registered+

    Just sell it to an idiot that wont come bak an beet the shite out you

    but that is bad karma....................:(

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