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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by pkash, May 13, 2007.

  1. pkash

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    i was wondering if anyone knows what kind of bottle or what to use to put in my pants when I go to take a piss test. My bottle makes a noise and the guy sometimes doesnt think it sounds like piss, any kind of like squirt gun that would make it sound like im pissing. please help!!
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    I'm trying to help you, but at the same time I'm trying to understand you. First, what is a fake urine bottle? Second, are you using human urine or synthetic urine? Because if you are using synthetic urine it comes in a small bottle(Quick Fix) with temp strip on it. You lost me on this, the guy sometimes doesn't think it sounds like pee? What guy? This sounds a little crazy. Look man if you're synthetic pee, go with Quick Fix, Detoxforless.com or you can google it. If you're using human pee, think, use your head find a nice little trial size plastic bottle. When you do go take your piss test, piss in the toilet while your pouring your sample in the cup. Good Luck!!!!
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    i also had another question. they have started to watch us take the drug tests, what do you think is better, like taking a drink or something, or getting a wizzinator, cuz i gotta stay in this shit for like another month and a half and i get drug tested every week. Even if i quit now, it will take like 45 days to make it clean cuz im a every day smoker so whats up.. leave me some feedback
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    I use the Whizzinator several times a month but I know the day before I go test and they are visuals.

    When you say "take a drink" do you mean something to clean your system out? I'm skeptical of that stuff, especially if you are a daily toker (like me). Or do you mean, drink some alcohol instead of toking for that month and a half?

    Take into account that you are going to have to have a source of clean urine always and how soon in advance do you know before you have to test?

    That's your call. I knew I would be on it for awhile and couldn't go withouth smoking or drinking at all so I got the Whizzinator and use it religiously (used it this morning actually).

    A month and a half with no toking? That's your call but do you think you will be able to clean up before they start visuals?
  5. If you're being watched while you give piss, like I was at my last drug test, then you're fucked. This is why I think substitution is pointless and too risky. It's so much easier to pass with dilution in my opinion. However, if you've had luck and KNOW you won't be watched, then go for it I guess.
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    Re-read his questions. :jointsmile:

    He was asking about the visual test and the whizzinator. It's completely possible that's what it's designed for.

    Dilution easier? All relative I guess but if you go in knowing you can go through the motions without being nervous, then with clean piss, you are guaranteed to pass- it's clean piss.

    With dilution, you are diluting, that's more of a chance and the fact that you are having to dilute it points right at that.
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    I only get piss tested on Mondays. I really wanna get the whizzinator its kinda expensive though, but i think i gotta get it. Iv'e seen like 3 different kinds, ive seen like wizzinator.com and like ureasample.com and a few others, they are each a little differnnt, which do u guys think is the best one. I need which ever is the easiest to use. lol
  8. kknight

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    I have no prior experience with the others but before I bought mine, I looked around and although I can't remember what features the other one's had, I do know that the Wizzinator was the best option at the time.

    It's easy to use and comes with everything. Once the urine is in, pinch the head, flip up the small tab right abover the shaft and let go of the head and let it go. Easy. :D

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