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FakeBoobsRule.... are you out there?? need help!!

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by JKD, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. JKD

    JKD Registered

    FBR.. I hear your the best on drug testing.....I have a swab test in 3 days..been a smoker for 43 yrs on a daily basis.... been clean for a month...took a home UA test 4 days ago & failed it.... now what's my odds on passing the swab test??? I have to pass this one..... can't fail.....
    I'm gettin a little nervous here.... can you help me out?
    Sure would appreciate it....
  2. giggy

    giggy Registered+

    from what i've read on these boards and even from what FBR has said...I believe after 48-72 hours your should go to go! :thumbsup:
  3. JKD

    JKD Registered

    anyone know how accurate these swab tests are??
  4. giggy

    giggy Registered+

    theyre only accurate when you smoke a day or two before the actual swabbing takes place. dude youre fine. just relax. If its really bugging you out i'd just wash my mouth out with mouth wash before I waled in there...maybe eat some peanut butter as well...but youre fine:thumbsup:
  5. giggy

    giggy Registered+

    also, i think the accuracy of the swabbing depends on how accurate the swabber is with the swab...if your directing the swab while the swabbing is taking place...they usually swab your gums but instead direct the swab so it swabs your teeth...the sides of the flat part you chomp with:thumbsup:
  6. JKD

    JKD Registered

    Thanks Giggy.... you've helped me to somewhat relax about this.... they have you do you're own swabing while they watch... now I know where to swab... thnx!
  7. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Smackdown Moderation

    JKD, if you stopped a month ago you will pass an oral fluids test. Urine has a much longer detection window than oral fluids so even though you failed a urine test you should pass the oral fluid. I saw you ask this in another post and what I meant by brands. Well there different companies that make oral fluid tests and most of them have a detection window of 24-36 hours after last use but some I have seen as high as 48-96 hours.

    If it makes you feel better do the trick Giggy suggested. I'm not so sure all of them actually swab as much as they just make you hold it in your mouth for a certain period of time but like Giggy is saying the key is to keep it off your cheeks and almost in the space with your teeth and tongue. Kind of keeping it suspended in your teeth not touching much of anything.

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