False seed pod's?or Seeds??

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by jjd031, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. jjd031

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    On two of my plants I have these seed pods forming on the bottom buds, I think it hermi'ed on me but then I was looking at some bud pic's and saw them on them and the guy said they were false seed pod's.
    The plants are now 7wk's into flowering and it's only on two plants if it hermied would it not have spread to all 7 plants?
    Here's a pic of a small bud with em, there are white hairs on the bud and are comming out of the pod's?? Any help is as always very welcome thanks all.

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  2. johnnypants

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    Open it up!

    I'd be interested to know regardless....just don't do it near other ladies....
  3. Rusty Trichome

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    Agreed. Pluck one off. If it just squishes without resistance, it's just a mature swollen calyx. (no seed) The hard shell is one of the first parts to develop on a seed, so if it's seeded, it will not crush easily. Also, if the calyx is already seeded, it will not have 'fresh' pistol's sticking out of it. There's no room in a calyx for twins, so producing fresh pistols (the hairs that catch the pollen) would be a waste of the plants valuable energy.

    Another way to tell...seeded calyx's quickly develop a light yellow racing-stripe from the fat end down to the pointy end. :thumbsup:
  4. jjd031

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    Yup there SEEDS :(
  5. jjd031

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    Also if the seeds are done does that mean the plant could also be done? the hairs are just about all orange on the plant, I need a mirco to see the crystals but from what I can see they look clear with a magnafing glass.
  6. the image reaper

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    seeds generally require a good 30 days, or more, to mature ... the color of the 'hairs' means nothing, in relation to maturity ... harvest according to trichome color, and opacity ... :smokin:
  7. Loafyboy

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    Look on the positive side....you have some seeds if the need should arise!

    By the way, if by any chance all your plants were clones taken from the same mother plant (all genetically identical), and there are no other plants in the area, then the seeds will all be feminised (because they will be genetically identical to your current plants).

    That would of course mean the seeds may be prone to hermie unless there was some stress related reason for the plant(s) going hermie.
  8. Rusty Trichome

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    Have they gone through any stress during flower? If not...could be problems with the genetics, and should not be used to breed any more.
    If they were at all stressed from light leaks, ph drop or fluctuation, too cold...the genetics may be ok, and the plant was using it's survival skills to self-pollinate. That's how we make femmed seeds...but we do it under controlled circumstances, with stable genetics.

    If there were no males...all of the seeds will be females. But keep them seperate from your existing seed bank, and when you plant 'em...mark them to be watched for signs of hermaphrodism.
    Viable seeds are a darker brown, or a brown with stripes. Lightly tan, yellowish, or white seeds are too young to be viable.
    Wait for the trichome heads to turn milky before harvest. Seeds should be done by then...but peel one off to check first, if you are interested in keeping the seeds.
  9. jjd031

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    Thanks for your knowledge Rusty, and everyone else who answered. I think it is prob. stress but the tops are still good no seeds and there is ton's of crystal an the smell is alot stronger then the others it's different stran seems like some real fire.
    PS please read my thanks post all.:jointsmile:
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    Those seeds could come in handy!
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    thank f%&k i had the same issue.. false seeds! :)
    was wondering why they were squisy and stink! mmm

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