Famous people that smoke weed.

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    Almost every single one of these names have admited to smoking cannabis.

    If all these famous people do it, including presidents, why is it still illegal. If a presidant can do something, why cant we?

    • Abbie Hoffman
    • Abraham Lincoln. On a Hohner box cover but disputed.
    • Al Gore.
    • Aldous Huxley
    • Aleister Crowley
    • Alexander Dumas
    • Alice B. Toklas
    • Allen Ginsberg. Poet.
    • Alexis Korner. Musician.
    • Andy Warhol. Artist.
    • Annita Roddock. Founder 'The Body Shop'.
    • Anjelica Huston. Hollywood actress. Jack Nicholson's girlfriend for 17 years. Pro-drug statements by her in Peter McWilliams book, 'Ain't Nobody's Business if You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in Our Free Country'.
    • Arthur Conan Doyle. Author, creator 'Sherlock Holmes'.
    • Aswad. Musicians.
    • Beatles.
    • Bill Clinton.
    • Bill Gates. Not confirmed, just very strongly hinted at in the Playboy interview
    • Bill Murray Arrested for possession
    • Bob Denver.
    • Bob Dylan. Poet, singer, song writer.
    • Bob Marley. Poet, singer, song writer.
    • The Bishop of Monmouth.
    • Brian Eno. Singer, song writer. Signed 'Independent' list.
    • Boy George.
    • British Lords & MP's - too many to list .
    • Buddy Rich.
    • Cab Calloway. Jazz musician.
    • Carl Sagan. Author.
    • Caroline Coon. Artist, founder 'Release', manager of the Clash.
    • Carl Segan . Author.
    • Carlos Santana. Musician, guitarist.
    • Carrie Fischer.
    • Cary Grant.
    • Cary Mullis. Nobel Laurate, Biology
    • Charles Beaudelaire
    • Charles Dickens. Claims but no evdience.
    • Cheech Marin.
    • Chris Armstrong. Footballer, tested positive.
    • Chris Conrad.
    • Chris Farley. 60's singer.
    • Chris Rock.
    • Conan O'Brian.
    • Count Basie. Jazz legend.
    • Dame Ruth Runsiman. Author; Police Federation Report (March 2000) advising liberlization.
    • Dave Gilmour . Musician ; Pink Floyd.
    • Dave 'Tinki Winky' Thompson - TV personality (UK); the Tellie Tubbie that was sacked.
    • Diego Rivera.
    • Dion Fortune.
    • Dioscorides.
    • Dizzy Gillespie.
    • Douglas Adams. Author.
    • Dr Francis Crick. Nobel Prize winner.
    • Dr Lester Grinspoon.
    • Dr Mark Porter. TV doctor who says cannabis is not more harmful than alcohol.
    • Dr Anne Biezanek (authoress)
    • Dr R.D.Laing.
    • Dr John Marks
    • Dr W.B. O'Shaugnessy.
    • Drew Barrymore.
    • Duke Ellington.
    • Eddie Ellison. Ex head of Scotland Yard Drug Squad.
    • Edgar Allen Poe. Author, multi-drug user.
    • Elvis Presley. Singer, FBI informer.
    • Emperor Liu Chi-nu.
    • Emperor Shen-Nung.
    • Ernest Hemmingway. Author.
    • Errol Flynn.
    • Fela Kuti. Musician. Afro/jazz king.
    • Felix Dennis. Publisher.
    • Fitz Hugh Ludlow.
    • Fran Healey. Musician; Travis.
    • Francis Ford Coppella.
    • Francis Rabelais.
    • Francis Wilkinson. Ex Chief Constable of Gwent Police.
    • Fredreich Nietzshe.
    • Ganesh - Hindu God.
    • Gary Johnson.
    • Gene Krupa.
    • George Clinton. Ex President's brother.
    • George W Bush. Possibly the greatest living hypocrite.
    • George Gurdjieff.
    • George Melly. Jazz musician (early sponsor of Legalise Cannabis Campaign, Uk).
    • George Michael. Singer.
    • George Washington.
    • George Soros.
    • Gerard de Nerval.
    • Gilberto Gil. Brazilian musical icon.
    • The Greatful Dead.
    • Hasan I-Sabah.
    • Heinrich Khunrath.
    • Helen Petrova Blavatsky.
    • Henri Michaux.
    • Herman Hesse.
    • Hiero the Second.
    • Howard Marks. Author, cannabis smuggller.
    • Howard Stern, Admitted it on the radio.
    • Hua T'o.
    • Hunter S. Thompson. Smoked weed and snorted coke with George Bush.
    • Ian Botham. Convicted Cricket legend.
    • Irvine Welsh.
    • Kurt Cobain.
    • Jabir Ibn el-Hayyan.
    • Jack Herer. Author 'The Emporor Wears No Cloths'
    • Jack Kerouac. Author ' On the Road'.
    • Jack Nicholson. Film actor.
    • Jackie Gleason.
    • Jackson Pollock.
    • Jane Fonda. Actress.
    • James Brown. Singer, song writer.
    • Janis Joplin. Singer, song writer.
    • Jesse 0Ventura.
    • Jerry Lee Lewis. Musician, song writer.
    • Jimmy Dorsey.
    • Jimmy Hendrix. Rock guitarist, singe, song writer
    • Jim Morrison. Musician, songwriter; The Doors.
    • Joan of Arc. Accused of using 'witch herbs' (another name for cannabis).
    • Joan Rivers.
    • Joe Strummer. Musician, singer, songer writer; The Clash.
    • John Belushi.
    • John Denver.
    • John F Kennedy. Popular US president (assassinated).
    • John Keats. Poet.
    • John Lennon. Musician, song writer; The Beatles.
    • John Le Mesurier. Tried it but said it's not for him.
    • Johnny Cash.
    • John Peel. DJ, BBC broadcaster.
    • John Sinclair.
    • Judge John L. Kane. Chief Judge from the US District Court
    • Julie Christie. Actress.
    • Jules Verne.
    • John Wayne. 'I tried it once but it didn't do anything to me.'
    • Kelsey Grammar.
    • Ken Livingston. Mayor of London - supports decriminalisation but does not smoke or support the use of recreational drugs.
    • Kirk Douglas. Actor.
    • Kurt Cobain.
    • Larry Adler. Harmonica player and
    friend of George Gershwin. May have written a song about it.
    • Lenny Bruce. Comedian.
    • Lewis Carroll. Author 'Alice in Wonderland'.
    • Linda St Clair
    • Little Richard. Musician.
    • Lord Avebury.
    • Lord Byron. Poet.
    • Lord Deedes.
    • Lord Tony Gifford. QC, civil rights lawyer.
    • Louis Armstrong. 'Oh what a wonderful world'.
    • Louis Hebert.
    • Mark Thomas . Comedian.
    • Marlon Brando. Actor.
    • Martin Sheen.
    • Mary Shelly. Author 'Frankinstein'.
    • Mary Tyler Moore.
    • Mick Jagger. Singer, song writer, The Rolling Stones.
    • Michael Mansfield QC. Lawyer.
    • Jade Jagger.
    • JC 100. Fastest rapper in the west.
    • JT Moore. Legendary white rasta guitarist.
    • Mike Tyson.
    • Miles Davis. Jazz/rock drummer.
    • Mo Mowlan. Genuine honest politician.
    • Modigliani. Sculptor.
    • Montgomery Clift. Mentioned in his biography.
    • Neil Diamond.
    • Nick Hornby. Author.
    • Niel Young. Musician.
    • Norman Mailer. Author.
    • Oasis. Rock band.
    • Oliver Stone.
    • Oscar Wilde. Poet.
    • Pablo Picasso. Artist.
    • Pancho Villa. Mexican bandit revolutionary.
    • Paul Flynn. Uk Member of Parliament.
    • Paul McCartney. Musician, song writer; The Beatles.
    • Paul Simon. Musician, song writer.
    • Pharoahs of Egypt. Traces in body samples.
    • Phil Donohue.
    • Phil Tufnell. Former test cricketer, now media celeb.
    • Peter Fonda. Actor; 'Easy Rider'.
    • Peter Sellers. Actor, comedian.
    • Peter Tosh. Musician.
    • Philip K. Dick. Science fiction author.
    • Pierre Burton.
    • Pierre Elliot Trudeau.
    • Pink Floyd; Syd Barret and Roger Waters.
    • Prince Charles. Heir to the Throne. Quoted while visiting a hospital; 'I understand cannabis is good for medical use' .
    • Prince William.
    • Prince Harry.
    • Pythagoras.
    • Queen Arnegunde.
    • Queen Victoria. Used it for medical purposes.
    • Ram Dass.
    • Ray Charles. Musician.
    • Rev Kenneth Leech.
    • Richard Branson. 'Virgin'. Entreprenur.
    • Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize Laureate physicist, founder of quantum electrodynamics.
    • Richard Prior.
    • Richard Wilson. Actor; 'One Foot in the Grave'.
    • Rimbaud. Author.
    • Robert Burns. Mentioned it in a poem.
    • Robert 'King' Carter. Grower.
    • Robert Anton Wilson. Author.
    • Robert Mitchum. Jailed 90 days for possession of marijuana, 1949.
    • Roger McGough. 60's liverpool poet.
    • Rolling Stones. Rock band.
    • Ronnie Scot. Jazz club owner, musician, busted on stage 1958, at his club in Soho, London.
    • S Club 7. 'Super clean' pop band, busted in Soho, very embarrassing.
    • Salvador Dali. Artist.
    • Samuel Beckett.
    • Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Poet.
    • Shen Nung. One of the fathers of Chinese medicine. 2700 B.C .
    • Sinead O'Connor. Singer.
    • Sidi-Hidi.
    • Sigmun Freud. Shrink.
    • Sonny Bono.
    • Super Furry Animals. Welsh band who wrote a song about Howard Marks.
    • Stephen King.
    • Sting/Gordon Sumners.
    • Tariq Ali. Activist Writer.
    • Tenessee Williams. Author.
    • Terence McKenna. Author.
    • Terry Gilliam. Actor, comedian;Monty Python.
    • The Who. Rock band.
    • Thelonius Monk.
    • Thomas Jefferson.
    • Timothy Leary.
    • Tom Lehrer.
    • Top Tories. Senior members of the shadow cabinet.
    • Tony Elliot. Publisher, 'Time Out.
    • Tracy Blevins. Artist.
    • Tuppy Gore.
    • UB40. Band.
    • Victor Hugo.
    • Vincent Van Gogh. Artist.
    • Walt Disney. Cartoonist.
    • Walter Benjamin.
    • Whitney Houstonn. Busted at Hawaii airport but ran away.
    • William Burroughs. Author, poet, artist.
    • Will Self. Author. Did smack on Blairs plane.
    • William Shakespeare. Playwright.
    • William Straw. UK Home Sec Jack Straw's son. Cautioned for supplying undercover journalists in pub 'shocker'.
    • Willie Nelson.
    • Winston Churchill. British Prime Minister, poet, artist & multi drug user.
    • Woody Harrelson. Actor. Features in a book on growing medical marijuana .
    • Zoroaster. Persian prophet.
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    WOW! Good post.
  3. antikoala

    antikoala Registered

    I can't believe you left Bill Hicks out!
  4. daima

    daima Registered+

    I know that Ricky Scaggs smokes. I am a best friend of his cousin.

    Dont forget James Hetfield
    Lars Ulrich
    Larry Hagman
    Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas
    Judge Ginsberg
    Peter Tork
    Mickey Dolenz
    Frank Sinatra
    My Granny
    Robert Earl Keen
    Steve Earl
    And the countless millions of other successful famous, and even us not so famous, people.
    Cheers to us!!! :thumbsup:

    dai*ma:stoned: sfca94110
  5. Zoosh

    Zoosh Registered+

    I read Johnny Depp has smoked it.
    And a few of our member's parliament have admitted to it.
  6. Dazed4now

    Dazed4now Registered+

    johnny depp has done alot more than smoked pot ;)
  7. radical edward

    radical edward Registered+

    pierce brosnan does.
  8. junior420

    junior420 Registered+

    billie joe armstrong... (green day)
  9. birdgirl73

    birdgirl73 Registered+

    I saw once in an interview that Johnny Carson said he tried it. He actually said this once on his show, too.
  10. 420mory

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    Famous people that smoke weed? ofcourse Jesus was a big pothead.
  11. LIP

    LIP Banned

    Russle Brand has also smoked weed.

    Tbh, theres way too many people to list, SO many people have or still do smoke it, you'd think the government would just realise that no ones died yet, so why is it still illegal.

    I thought drugs were illegal because they're dangerous, but everyone knows, incuding the governments, that weed isnt harmful.

    When will they realise that their idiots, and people mock them.
  12. Dutch Masta

    Dutch Masta Registered+

    There is an abundance of information as to why marijuana is illegal. Use google, check my post history, anything..

    Just because a large amount of people do it, doesen't justify it being legal.

    If I compiled a list of every person that has ever exceeded the speed limit (ie: every driver who has ever driven on a highway before) it would basically consist of every person known to man. Speeding is still illegal.

    I break the law every single day by smoking pot and driving over the speed limit, and sometimes a combination of the two. All something being illegal means to me is to use your best judgement. Unfortunately, people can't control themselves and their actions since the beginning of time.. and thats why things need to be illegal. Before there were "laws", why do you think religions were started? The world needed a way to control society, and the understanding of a superior being judging your actions and determining your fate or afterlife(s) was just a perfect idea, and everyone believed it and it worked for a really long time, and still currently works to a lesser degree. Law today works the same way. Police enforcement work to control and regulate society.

    There is a LOT of crime involved with Marijuana. A lot of you just don't live in the areas to experience it on a daily basis, so you can't understand where the justifications are coming from.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2006
  13. hymnforthesmoked

    hymnforthesmoked Registered

    Bullshit. The reason weed is illegal is not because people cannot control themselves. It's because it is currently more profitable for our government if it is banned. Religion, in my opinion, is less a guideline and more a way of manipulating us. The dirty pigs at the top of this plutocracy don't pass laws for OUR own good: the pass them for THEY'RE own good.
  14. hymnforthesmoked

    hymnforthesmoked Registered

    Although there may be alot of crime revolving around weed, what would happen if we legalized it? ALL that crime would go away.
  15. Dutch Masta

    Dutch Masta Registered+

    I didn't say that the reason weed is illegal is because people can not control themselves.. I said the reason we needed laws, or some sort of regulation over society in the first place, is because people can not control themselves. Back then, there was no consequential thought given to killing or stealing. Thus, my reference to religion and how this began a concept that evolved in the beginning of time as a way to regulate society. The reason weed is illegal is because it got mixed up in the flawed society regulators, the government.

  16. Dutch Masta

    Dutch Masta Registered+

    What would happen if we legalized it??

    Industries would take over it and it would be government regulated! Marijuana would go the same way with tobacco, and rolled up with other harmful and addictive chemicals and sold at extremely high costs due to supply and demand, the current basis of our economy incase anyone didn't know allready. That would suck.

  17. hymnforthesmoked

    hymnforthesmoked Registered

    Whoops, my bad. Must have misread or something. Please except my humble apology.
  18. hymnforthesmoked

    hymnforthesmoked Registered

    While it would be marketed, it probably won't get any addictive chemicals added to it. Tobacco is naturally addictive because of its nicotine. Marijuana has no such chemical. If what you're saying is true, how come our soft drinks (example) don't have added nicotine to make them addictive. We can't keep weed illegal because of what people may market it with. Tobacco has many chemicals such as pestisides. Marijuana will not have these because it naturally needs no such repelent. Even if they do add something to it, considering all the other disgusting biproducts and shit we already consume it won't make much difference. Also, there will probably be an "organic marijuana" if it DOES get chemical additives.
  19. Dutch Masta

    Dutch Masta Registered+

    Tobacco industries have done everything in their power in order to expand their business without the slightest disregard for health. They add completely unnatural and absolutely ridiculous chemicals to cigarettes that are not related to pure tobacco in any way. This way, people become addicted and they make more money. Coca Cola contained high amounts of caffeine and cocaine before they werent allowed to.. Which is why everything is now based upon the Pure Food and Drug Act.

    Industries are all about money, and will do anything in order to make it. Do you have any idea how desireable legal Marijuana would be? People use it enough now that its illegal, the desire would rise even more once it were made legal and acceptable. Anything that would grow that big would be ran by huge industries. Alcohol went the same way. Alcohol and Tobacco industries are enough to worry about without adding another form of legal intoxication, while the other two have caused more than enough problems.

    Weed is just something I never want to be associated with all that bullshit.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2006
  20. hymnforthesmoked

    hymnforthesmoked Registered

    Yes, industries are definetly all about making money, but that's capitalism. It's wrong to outlaw something just because there is a danger it will get fucked up. There will always be home-grown marijuana (just like organic apples, etc). I highly doubt someone will hope to fill marijuana with addictive chemicals, because of the fear that people won't use it. Would you use addictive marijuana? I sure as hell won't. I can only see good things in legalizing. I know we live in completely different cultures, but hell, look at Holland. Does the weed there have addictive substances added? What about Jamaica? No. So why American? One of the main reasons pot is so attractive is that it ISN'T ADDICTIVE. A corporation cannot possibly take an entire plant and change it completely. If people don't want to get the chemicals then they will simply do what we do now.

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