Fan leaves dying during flower.

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    Hey guys... I'm fairly new to growing the magic herb, I've had a few successful harvest previously, and I've got one plant goin right now, not sure on the genetics 100 percent, its a strain from a local dispensary. Anyways, I've been using FoxFarm Happy Frog soil, as well as FF Grow Big and Big Bloom with a 250W HPS light on 12/12 for awhile, not exactly sure on what week I'm on. I know it's normal for some yellowing of the fan leaves as you get closer to harvest, but the buds don't look quite ready yet and a lot of the fan leaves are dying/turning brown. Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch!

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    Ok first off, please fill out the troubleshooting form for better results on the advice people give. However, assuming everything else is right(pH, room temp, ventilation) my guess is a Phosphorus deficiency. The Grow Big you are using is a veg stage fert high in Nitrogen, but has a little Phosphorus in it. The Big Bloom is used for promoting and maintaining a healthy root structure(has very low N-P-K). The third part of the trio is the Tiger Bloom. This is what is recommended during the flowering stage. Fox Farm also makes their water soluble line(Open Sesame, Beastie Bloomz, Cha Ching) that are additives to use during the blooming cycle. These are very high in Phosphorus. By looking at your pics I would assume you are somewhere around week 4-6 of flowering. During this time Fox Farm's feeding schedule recommends Beastie Blooms.:thumbsup::thumbsup:

    As far as this being the first time you've had this issue during a grow, I would say that this time you've got a strain that requires more Phosphorus during the flowering cycle. My guess is that each of your previous grows were also Phosphorus deficient, but the plants were barely getting by off the Phosphorus that is in the Grow Big. This time it wasn't enough.;)
  3. Just be my observation pilgrem but the next time yu be growin some plants yu might be wantin to see ifin yu can get yur light up closer to yur plants without burnin them. What I be seein here might be to much stretch in the beginnin and yur budds apear to be very airy or light lookin and definately not tight budds. Just my suggest settin on the outside lookin in I could be wrong others here be givin good advice i be sure of it.

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    Thanks very much for the advice guys. Do you think it's too late to help it if I can go get some of the Beastie Bloomz and possibly more of the fox farm nutes? I'm just worried cuz it looks like it's not going to have any leaves left to absorb light.
  5. I be aimin to tend to her bet yu can and harvest what yu can from her let he go and maybe try these others advice and be addin a bit but be goin easy on anythin yu be addin caus she be lookin prity frail and to much of anythin could deliver the final blow. Hope someone else might have a better solution fur ya good luck and hopein yu able to fill yur pouch the end of the day.

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    That's a judgement call you'll have to make. If it were my plant I would probably hit it with 3 tsp. Big Bloom, 1/2tsp Tiger Bloom, and 1/4 tsp Beastie Bloomz/ gal of water. However, remember, you'll need to flush all this stuff out at least 1 week if not 2(I prefer 2) before harvesting. It's really hard to make these decisions because of not knowing where the plant is in it's flowering stage. If they are in week 4 you can safely add the nutes for another 2-3 weeks. If they are in week 6 you are starting to push the line for not having enough time to flush all the nutes before harvest. This is assuming you have an 8 week flowering strain, which is hard to say because of not knowing the strain.:thumbsup:
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