Fan Size 5x5 - 4" or 6" - LED Upstairs Grow

Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by HazePhase, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. HazePhase

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    Hello Folks,

    I am going to be starting my first grow upstairs and have a Gorilla 5x5x7 tent that will be on my top floor.
    I have central air so it shouldn't get too hot and I will have fans circulating air and venting and will be running LED lighting which doesn't run hot.

    My question:
    Should I use a 4" or 6" intake fan as I was told that 175CFM and most 4" are around 190CFM.
    I was told 4" would be more than enough however others tell me smell might be an issue with 4" as well as making my fan work harder creating more heat.

    Any advice would be great as I am completing my order tomorrow.
    Thank you very much for all of your help and suggestions.

    Have a great day
  2. DirtyBlueGene

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    I'm still gonna suggest 6". I don't know where you will purchase from but take a look at They are in Stoney Creek, Ont. and orders over $99 ship for free. Good luck.
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  3. HazePhase

    HazePhase Registered+

    Yeah I love that site already was buying it from there.
    Is there any downside at all to going with the larger one (6inch)
  4. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    Higher power consumption and more noise is all.
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  5. DirtyBlueGene

    DirtyBlueGene Registered+

    Yes, like Weeze said, lil' more power, noise (the whoosh of moving air), and money. On the upside, you will have a fan/filter system that's up to the task. I would recommend you get the speed controller as well ($15 with package), you don't need the fan running full tilt throughout the entire grow.
  6. HazePhase

    HazePhase Registered+

    I was going to get speed controller regardless.
    How much sound difference and electricity difference will I notice?
    Since I won't be running it full tilt and will have on the lower speed i am wondering if it's better to use that at low speed or 4" at high speed for sound and electricity if there would be much of a difference?

    I will be buying this tomorrow.
    Next thing I need to figure out is a ready to use soil in Canada that's organic and I don't have to worry just can buy and throw in a bucket.

    please let me know if you know of anyone.
    I found Sea Soil but only in Toronto and I would have to drive 5 hours each way to pick it up
  7. EvilCartman

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    An issue many note when using a speed controller, is a noticeable growl, that's produced at lower speeds. Some find it more objectionable than others.
    Normally, a slowed down 6" will still be a good bit quieter than a 4" wound-up.
    I don't have the numbers handy, but think a 6" Sunleaves fan pulled between 13-40 watts, over the speed range. (haven't measured that sorta thing in years)

    If sound is an issue, I'd recommend the Hyper fan digital. Noticeably quieter operation with their incorporated controller. Quietest fans I've owned.

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