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Discussion in 'Closet / Cabinet Growing' started by ToNyBoY, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. ToNyBoY

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    i set up a grow box quite small..
    after installation and all i figured that the pc fans i used have lights, like in all corners, pink yellow green and blue. wud that be okay consirdering that its not that bright when i turn off my cfl's but there is still light in the box, wud that affect the plants a lot during lights out? this is my first time to run a grow box and indoor..
    watyu think?
    thanks! :)
  2. crabbyback

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    nope, can't do that

    Absolutely no light during dark period.
  3. ForgetClassC

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    I don't think they are that strict about the lights, think about it, the moon is pretty damn bright at night. Shit, my plant right now is sitting next to me and its in its dark cycle. And she's doing awesome. Just use your best judgement, if you think it puts out more light than the moon would, don't use them, but if its only a little bit, who cares.

  4. tinytoon

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    I had light sneak through a zipper and hermie a 5 plant grow .... Dark is Dark for me!!

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