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Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by Tokudai, Apr 17, 2007.

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    bronc how big of a space is that in? I have a 4x11x8 closet and was wondering what size fan to use for odor control and temp control. Im not sure at all what type of fan to get.
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    I have a fully insulated,independant grow room that is 4X8X8-could someone give me an idea of the size of fans I need for intake and exhaust.I am using T5- 4 foot doubles one per side and one overhaed-and my temps are up around 90 to 100.My present fans are just two-4" and arent really working.Any input would be really helpfull-the plus side my plants are in crazy bloom-3rd week.
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    1. fans require cooler fresh air to draw from and a place for the hot stale air to exhaust to.

    cfm listed above, one exhaust fan is usually enough in a sealed system
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    bronc76 i to have a 1000 watt sun light with hood with the 6 in air flow hook ups,i have done almost everything to bring heat down but still have heating problems.I have like 6x6 room 7 ft high,i have 2 fans puling air trough the hood which are about 150 cmf & other one in ceiling is 50 cmf.So i thought i'd go like 435 to 485 cmf intake inline fan & see if that will reduce the heat inside my room i'm running out options,i have my ballast outside the room to,so i don't have to worry about that heat,but i was pulling cool air in from under house which only cooled it 10 degrees.
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    Id think about the inline for exhaust, and use at least one you have for intake, might try to increase passive intake. Sealed up makes a difference.

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