FAQ! How To Save Electricity whilst growing! Or just lower your power bill!

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    How To Save Electricity whilst growing! Or just lower your power bill Dramatically! FAQ

    Hey all! Iv recently been looking into how to save electricity around the home. As all of us know using HID’S increases our electricity bills substantially and it can be quite a shock when the inevitable bill arrives.

    More pressingly a certain percentage of growers do not set up the grow light/lights efficiently and as a end result when harvest day arrives little bud is produced but the electricity bill is just as big.

    High electric bills induces suspicion by police and can add the to the list of reasons to obtain a search warrant and therefore increases the risk of getting caught.

    By investing in a few timers and energy saving light bulbs around the home electricity usage can be reduced dramatically. Even enough for a grower to have a 400w to 1000w HPS with out the electricity bill rising depending on the size of the home and appliances within.

    Standby Wattage

    Standby wattage is the amount of power used by an electrical appliance when left on standby. i.e. When you’ve turned the PC, TV, VCR, DVD player off but not off at the mains plug.

    CO2 emissions from electrical equipment being left on standby are equivalent to 1.4 million long-haul flights A Year which is a shocking statistic alone.

    Below Is a average guide to the amount of power used by different appliances whilst on standby. (take in to consideration that these numbers can be dramatically more than indicated.)

    To figure out how much wasted wattage your home is using add up the amount of appliances and there correct wattage. The end number is energy your wasting and can easily save. The end number for my home was 455w more than a 400 watt hps.

    Device Standby Wattage

    Hi-fi/Stereo 10w
    TV 10w
    Video recorder 11w
    DVD player 7w
    Digital TV set top box 5w
    Computer monitor 11w (more if lager screen and/or flat screen.)
    Computer + peripherals 15w (more if games pc.)
    Laptop computer 2w
    Broadband modem 14w
    Rooter 14w
    Answering machine 3w
    Battery charger 2-6w
    Mobile phone charger 1-6w
    Cooker and Hob 12w
    Microwave 8w
    Computer Speakers 12w
    Toaster 4w
    Games Console 18-24w
    Printer 15w
    scanner 15w
    Sky Box 11w
    Cordless Phone 8w
    Washing Machine 2w
    Kettle 3w
    Fan Heater 4w

    The best way to save all this power and by far the easiest is to go to your local hardware shop and buy 6-10 inexpensive timers, exactly the same as you would use to control the photoperiod of your lights. Place the timers around all the highest wattage using appliances about the home (plug the timers in multi plug extension leads to save even more power.). Program them all to turn off at night and when your at work or when ever you know people wont be using them.

    You’ve Just substantially reduced the suspicion of one 400-600w HID. :)

    Buying energy saving light bulbs

    In most homes, lighting accounts for around 10-15 per cent of an electricity bill.
    Energy saving recommended bulbs work in the same way as fluorescent lights. An electric current passes through gas in a tube, making the tube's coating glow brightly.

    Traditional bulbs waste a lot of their energy by turning it into heat. Each energy saving bulb can reduce your electricity bill by up to £9 ($17) a year . They also last, on average up to 12 times longer than ordinary light bulbs.

    So in my case I have 21 light bulbs in my home. If I was to buy energy saving light bulbs I would save annually £189 ($368) a year on my electrically bill!

    You’ve Just substantially reduced the suspicion of 1 400-600-1000w HID again. :)

    Energy saving light bulbs are coming down dramatically in price (£2.50 a bulb in B&Q.) and are SERIOUSLY worth getting.

    Configuring your pc to save electricity

    Computers use a phenomenal amount of power when on. For example my desktop games machine has a 600w power supply in the case. And lets be honest the majority of us are guilty for leaving the PC on when were not using it.

    Using Windows it is possible to put the monitor and pc into a 'sleep' mode in which it uses little power. This option is invoked after a predetermined period of inactivity has elapsed and is really intended for notebook computers, where the need to conserve battery power is often very important. However, the settings can also be applied to desktop computers. When powered off via this mechanism, the monitor and PC will power up again when computer activity recommences.

    To configure your monitor and pc for these settings Bring up the control panel enter in to power settings and turn on either hibernation or standby. Place the activation time to 2 or 3 min. this maybe short but think of the power you’ll be saving.

    Hope this was useful to everyone as it does really work. It helps people stop getting caught for such a little price. :)
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  2. kindprincess

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    thanx tom! great thread and info.

    i love these damn hippies :p

  3. GaGrown

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    Hey Tom! I did just that. I went and bought 6 packs of those cfl's.They come 6 to a pack. I changed every bulb in the house. They are 15 watt and bright as hell,too! Before I changed the bulbs,my bill was running around 195.00-200.00,each month.After the end of the first month they were in. I saw a huge drop in the bill.I saved around 50.00 bucks.That was with the HID's running.It's even gonna be lower, at the end of this month cause I added the electronic ballast,got rid of the hummer.I use to run all over the house turning out lights and such.It was crazy! I have to add! The little things makes all the difference.Never used the timers in the house,except on the christmas lights.Pretty informative post for the energy concious! That'd be me and alot of you folk's out there!

    Ga Grown!
  4. bud luv

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    Hook up all your tv/stereo/computer equipment to accessible powerstrips and unplug everything when you leave or go to sleep.
  5. Tomthehippie

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    Hey, how much wattage is everyone wasting on standby? be intresting to show how much other homes are wasting. :)
  6. Tomthehippie

    Tomthehippie Registered+

    Any one else doing anything like this?? be great to have some figures and input! :)
  7. Bree1978

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    I'm going to be switching all my lightbulbs soon...I'll post after changing and getting the new bill. :jointsmile: Bree
  8. Chronic Chrissy

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    What about a 42 inch plasma tv left on over 14 hours a day as background noise?
  9. GaGrown

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    It runs 399 watts and the speakers are 16 watts.

    Ga Grown!
  10. Chronic Chrissy

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    Holy Fuck! I'm turning the radio on on my days at home and H can live with a few hours less TV. Plus K is starting to be glued to the tube and I don't like that at only 6 months. WOW!
  11. Mrs. Greenjeans

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    We've already agreed that when we move into the new home, we're using nothing but cfls in every light fixture. I'm already a nut about turning everything off.
  12. Tomthehippie

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    yea same here. but the thing is it really does make a huge difference. its just lazy if people don't do it. i mean its fantastic to have the most peace of mind when growing anyway. but even if your not growing your still going to save a shed load on your power bill.

    Standby wattage Calculator - TVEC | Energy Tips | Standby Cost Calculator
  13. herbaltivo

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    The thing I don't like about the CFL's for indoor residential use is that it seems to take forever for them to get bright enough for regular use, as opposed to our former incandenscent friends, which are hot as heck, waste 95% of their energy as heat, but do light up instantly.

    It's been a while since I've tried CFL's for the home for this very reason. Has the situation improved?
  14. socialistpete

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    Tom great thread! Theres only one thing I'd like to say, and please don't take this as an attack I point this out to every one. We live in a capitalist world this means money over anything else. Your electric company does not care if your bill jumps a little high as long as you pay your bill there happy. Most people on this site are running under a 1000w at a time for there grow setup, With an 18/6 light cycle this makes my bill $53 dollars higher a month. I think we have a responsibilty to stop spreading the "my friends, friends, uncles, cousin got turned in by his electric company for growing" rumors. No judge in his right mind is going to give the cops a search warrant with the only evidence being an increased electric bill. And if he did A lawyer fresh out of law school should be able to get that warrant dismissed. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to not tell a soul that you are growing, no matter how good your bud is hold back the urge. You have many good points and ideas in this post and its cool that you shared those with everyone.
  15. GaGrown

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    The right thing!

    I think these are some things all people should do.Even if ya ain't growin'! That's fine if you don't mind spending that 50 plus buck's! Little things that you and I do,to conserve. Will be a benefit to all folk's later.!

    Ga Grown!
  16. harris7

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    i've noticed it takes longer to turn on the larger the bulb is. The only light that dosn't instantly turn on for me is my biggest 45 watt one. it takes half a second (which is actually a long time for a light to come on)

    Also, CFLs take longer or do Not come on when cold. Cold as in below 0 Celsius. So if you have a very cold house that might be the problem

    LED lights are on the market now! they are even better but may be hard to find

    Here is a website i haven’t really looked at but looks interesting
    TheLEDLight.com is everything LED. Find loose LEDs, LED controls, LED fixtures, LED light bulbs, landscape LEDs, LED strips, LED flashlights, UV LED flashlights .
  17. harris7

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    you are wrong. Power consumption Can be used. But you are right that this really shouldn't concern growers as few people on here run enough lights (10+ 1000W might get attention)

    feel free to check out my thread in which i wrote on this topic

    power consumption is rarely the only piece of evidence to search a grow op. But it will get police monitoring your place to gather enough evidence.

    As well, power consumption is enough to get a warrant to use an infrared light detector on your premises which can detect the heat from your op.

    And as someone said, everyone should do this regardless in light of climate change etc
  18. Tomthehippie

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    yea i do agree with you socialistpete 100% :). it shouldn’t bother people but its still worth investing in generally and also it applies to some more than others like you said. However if your on a tight budget or your growing in slightly suspicious surroundings like a outbuilding or shed it helps the peace of mind which keeps any sense of paranoia or confusion to a minimum.

    Electricity consumption may not be reason to obtain search warrant but it adds to the list of other obtainable information’s that can conform a warrant :)

    If anything saving electricity is a better safe then sorry analogy. If you can help prevent it, you might as well.
  19. Tupamaro

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    so basically besides those swtiches you were talkinga bout the only way to get rid of this standby wattage is to unplug it?
  20. Tomthehippie

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    yea. but due to Convenience and people forgetting people wont do that in the most efficient way..

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