Fascist Symbols from Napoleon to Bush

Discussion in 'Conspiracy' started by Great Spirit, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. Great Spirit

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    Hmm. This is interesting. Look at these photos and you will see fascist symbols from Napoleon to Hitler, to Bush.

    Especially notice in the painting of Napoleon, the eagle with its wings spread out. That is a typical symbol of fascist nations.

    Notice too on Aleister Crowley's certificate of becoming a 33rd degree mason, on top...the fascist eagle with the Illuminati triangle.

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  3. birdgirl73

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    Great Spirit has heard me say this before, but his paranoiac mind won't let him actually synthesize this information, and he's apparently not very long on memory. I'll say it again, though, because it helps put his degree of crazy distortion into perspective.

    The spread eagle is a classic, often-seen motif in art. It's not a symbol of fascist nations. It's a symbol that's been shown widely in prehistoric cave paintings. In ancient Chinese and Egyptian art. In Greek and Roman art and sculpture. In pre-Columbian native American art. In classical European art and architecture. And, not coincidentally, in modern images chosen for countries and currency and political leaders, both good and bad. It's not used because of its fascist symbolism, for that only makes sense to people who have no understanding of visual art or history, but because it is a classical, familiar motif. It ranks right up there in frequency of use with other motifs like columns on buildings, nudes in paintings and sculpture, dancers, dogs, or landscapes. And it's certainly equally sinister (NOT!) as those other motifs, too.

    Get a clue, GS. And get some education. I'm saving this link so that when you trot out your spread-eagle-fascism spin again in another four or five months, we'll have this on file. Your brand of crazy has failed again.
  4. Psycho4Bud

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    If the Eagle is a facist symbol whats your feelings on Steve Miller?

    Have a good one!:jointsmile:
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    Biggest threat to Americans.. Bears!

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  6. Great Spirit

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    You were saying???

    And don't forget about the Roman fasces!! The bottom image was from the fascist Vichy government of France.

    p.s. I did go to college and I have a college degree :D

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  7. birdgirl73

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    For someone who's had college, and I'm not at all sure I believe your claim, you're still not very smart.

    It's a symbol of all sorts of nations, you wacko. And all sorts of other things as well. Fascists didn't choose it because it signifies fascism. But because it's a classic motif. You need to go back to school. And also get some therapy while you're at it.
  8. Great Spirit

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    I see there is no recourse. I pray that you'll find the truth.

    Put yourself back 500 years. If you said the world was round, you would not only be branded as a "wacko", but you would be branded as a heretic and burned at the stake!

    Yea...who's the "wacko" now?? :p

    Oh believe me...I'm much smarter then you think I am. ;)

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  9. birdgirl73

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    This is how I know you're a wacko. Because your logic is insane. If you pray that I'll eventually see the truth, you need to pray even harder that you yourself do. You're the one who distorts reality.

    If you were all that smart, you'd know that there were people, even 500 years ago, who theorized that the planet was round. People were burned as heretics for lots of other things than their theories of world topography/shape, chiefly their religious beliefs. If you weren't so absurd, you'd use another example to try and illustrate your own opposition to the mainstream. You've used that one repeatedly, and I can only gather it's because it's the only comparison you know.

    Well, let's see. You'll say that images of Roman fasces in our capitol are because they're fascist and will base that on the fact that that image was chosen for use by Italian fascists and because the word "fascist" itself has the same root word. But if you were able to step back and look at the image itself and learn some art history--as you need to do with the spread eagle, too--you'll see that the fasces symbol of power and jurisdiction is far older than Italian fascism and that that image, like the spread eagle, has been used over and over again by various civilizations in architectures throughout history, not all of them fascist. Ask any art or architecture historian to confirm this for you and he will. Only conspiracists believe there's anything inherently sinister in that image. You conspiracists believe there's sinister meaning in classic visual motifs because your paranoiac minds desperately need to attach dangerous meaning where there actually is none. Just like you do here.

    Little tip for you, GS. I'm a lot smarter than you can even fathom.
  10. Hamlet

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    When my cousin was huffing chemicals and had his nervous breakdown he was seeing 'symbols' in everything. He baracaded himself in the house and was babbling about teaching the crows to carry food to feed Africa. I remember he was looking at the rings on the end of a ceramic fireplace log. There was something of a distorted cross in the middle of the rings and he was making associations to the Free Masons, who controled the people who manufactured the log.

    There's something to mental disorders and trying to put symbols and associations to things. Like Rain Man insisting on 3 fishsticks and trying to figure out Who's on First. I think there's a little bit of it in all of us and that's why we use symbols. But when the mind short circuits, it desparately tries to restore its own functioning by grasping at symbols to weave back into something concrete maybe? Just theorizing because I really don't know, but it's something I've been watching and thinking about a lot.
  11. Dutch Pimp

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    ^^^^^^...I've seen people carved up in real life before...but not in print....good job..!...
  12. Zohar

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    Hey, I agree with you for once!
  13. MastaChronic

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    you are one of the reasons conspiracists have a bad name.
    grow up, be more open minded and be skeptical of all, not just the government.
  14. the yeag

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    oh poor poor great spirit you my friend do not have issues you have subscriptions.

    p.s. have a bad one:jointsmile:
  15. thcbongman

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    I think GS watched V for Vendetta too many times.
  16. shoi

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    o for christsake these symbols have been around so fucking long

    i mean jesus hilter just stole a whole bunch of shit from other cultures and people

    i mean honestly the eagle has been the symbol of america well over a hundred years before hitler

    i no it makes people sad to think but

    for fucks sake please get over these fucking ideas
    they are not revolutionary or even intellegent
  17. Delta9 UK

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    Hmmm OK

    Lets look at the UN symbol, its Blue and White (Colours of Israel) and the centre of its map point is some fantasy Nazi idea of the origin of Aryans too.

    How fucked up is that? LMAO

    Well then, the sky is falling for sure :stoned:

    GS: Seriously - let's say you are right, Bush is going to welcome Armaggeddon (let's say he's an End Timer and he's taking the Bible literally) there will be weaponization of/in space and aliens will be blamed next (once those damned terrorists are all out of the way) to keep mankind enslaved in fear forever in some global orgasm of Neo-con political militairy industrial black-ops uber power doublethink takeover? You know, because Jesus says it's OK...

    Pfft! Not while I'm thinking this sharply! They won't pull the wool (or tinfoil for that matter) over my eyes!!
  18. Delta9 UK

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    Or at least lets blaze one together and agree its all really screwy for sure, but talking about it on a pot forum won't change the world ;)
  19. IamTheWalrus

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    Yah I agree with Birdgirl, and everyone else who thinks your fucked in the head. The eagle is just a symbol, its a powerful looking figure, and people recognize it and like it.... wow, like why would a government use a symbol that people like! you totally opened my eyes to fascism, and there amazing interconnections because of that eagle!, GS.....:yippee: :rolleyes:

    unless your just doing this to piss us all off, cuz your an idiot, that seems likely too.
  20. Masta Stuff

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    hell ya, lets blaze it up:jointsmile:

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