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Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by moreover123, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. moreover123

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    I'm using GH nutrients on one plant (a tree). Unfortunately, I started flushing too late. I flushed with FloraKleen Monday & Tuesday then plain water Wednesday and changed the water again today (Friday). Today is day 5 with no nutes. 3 days with plain water.

    Unfortunately, I feel the need to harvest right now.
    Is 2 days of FloraKleen followed by 3 days of water enough to get rid of the nutes in the plant?
    This plant has been growing for almost 5 months and the last thing I want is chemicals in it.

    I have to weigh letting it go past it's prime vs. hopeing it's flushed enough. Was wondering what you guys thought? Also, does a 'tree' require a longer flush period than a small plant? I imagine it has more roots due to it's size. Tomorrow will be day 6, but only day 4 with pure water and I'm not sure if I should count the 2 FloraKleen days in the flush or just the plain water days?
    And - does the curing process help at all to remove chems or is it simply locked in forever no matter how long the cure?

    Think I'd be ok harvesting tomorrow or should I wait a bit despite my desire to harvest now? Thanks all! You are the reason I have this monster plant. I'm very proud of it.
  2. UnitedParcelSecrets

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    You can remove chems if you water cure!
  3. trippruss

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    forget the water cure!

    ruins good pot! i wouldn't worry about letting the plants go "past their prime". almost impossible with our impatience! if your pistils are still visible & haven't shrunk back inside the budds your still golden. i've flushed for a week & haven't flushed @ all with the same strain & didn't notice a difference. the people who mkae the flushing products dont want us to know tho...r
  4. moreover123

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    I 'may' try one smaller/thinner piece with the water cure for kicks but the concept scares me and I won't be doing it.

    The trichomes are where I want them as of yesterday so I'm leaning towards harvesting today. I am concerned however due to this short flush of 5.5 ish days depending on how one counts.

    One thing I'm puzzled about is with Flora Kleen, the instructions say to use it a couple days before harvest. I'm unclear if people here are using it for 2 days, then water for a couple, or using the Flora Kleen beyond the mfr. recommendations and using it a full week, etc.

    I think if weighing 2 evils, I'm going to have to side with the trichomes dictating the harvest & cross my fingers. :(

    But for the future, I'd like to hear exactly how many days Flora Kleen users use the product itself, then water or just use Flora Kleen till harvest, etc. Thanks!
  5. Zandor

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    You could have use the florakleen every day to flush them quicker there was no need to use just water. The florakleen does not adhere to the cell wall of the plant so you can use it right up to the day you harvest if you want to.

    But what you should do is monitor the PPM before and after and watch for how much it changes in 24 hours. You should not have more then a 50 ppm change after 24 hours then you can harvest.
  6. moreover123

    moreover123 Registered+

    Zandor - Thank you. The bottle said 1-2 days I think. I guess I screwed this up. Hopefully it'll turn out ok.
    The ppm has been the same as my tap water for a while so hopefully, it won't be so bad. I harvested about 1/2 today and might wait till tomorrow for the rest. Maybe I'll add some flora Kleen for one more day. IDK. Crap shoot.
  7. Racerx

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    Moreover, that sounds like a good idea. Then you can experience for yourself if a day or 2 more flushing and flowering made any difference in the taste/smoke/potency. Make sure to report back when you find out.
  8. oldnslow

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    A lot of the taste and burnability of your crop will depend upon whether you really pushed the nutes/ferts way up to high levels all the way through the grow right up to harvest. If your large fan leaves were dark green when you harvested, the taste might not be too good until its cured for a couple months. If your large fans were yellowing at harvest and maybe even dropping off, the taste should be ok shortly after drying.

    Tried water curing on overferted buds once. It did take the nasty taste out, it also took out any taste at all. It turned the bud into cardboard flavor, took all the texture out of the bud so it was like crumbling up cheese, and it really had no flavor or taste. I dont recall being too impressed with the high either, although thc dosent disolve in water, maybe all the extra handling reduced the high by knocking off or crushing trics. Good luck.;)
  9. Zandor

    Zandor Registered+

    Well as long as the PPm change is with in range then you did it right. They say it only takes 2 days but I find 4 or 5 sometime is required. I prefer to use the test method my self and it sounds like that is what you ended up doing after all.

    Great job :thumbsup:
  10. Baalzebul

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    Hey guys, I don't actually grow anything, but I'm a heavy smoker.

    A few times I got this bud that sparkles and pops when burned, and gives me a sharp painful headache about 10 minutes after I smoke it. I'm starting to notice other effects like blurry vision in one of my eyes several hours after I smoke.

    I was told this is because the bud was not flushed before it was harvested. Is there anyway to save this bud (i have a oz of this shit) or is my best bet to throw it away and buy some new bud?

    Or, is it relatively safe (no permanent damage) to smoke the whole oz.?

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