Fastest full grow period?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Ghettoguy, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Ghettoguy

    Ghettoguy Registered+

    What is the fastest way to grow some bud under CFL light? I have 2 months of time max, is it even worth trying? The seeds are soaking... :wtf:
  2. gainesvillegreen

    gainesvillegreen Registered+

    Two months from seed to harvest? No, not possible with CFLs. Not possible with any other lights either.
  3. xcrispi

    xcrispi Registered+

    NOOBS ,
    I want it all , and I want it now . :wtf:

    Gainesville speaks the truth :thumbsup: Not happening in 2 mos. from seed , even w/ some B/S auto flower - rudderail - lo/rider crap and 1000w H.I.Ds .
    Crispi :jointsmile:
  4. hybridlove420

    hybridlove420 Banned may be possible. a healthy indica can flower in 6-7 weeks.

    2months= 61days= just under 9 weeks

    9-7week flowering= 2weeks

    if seeds are soaked, theyll break surface within days and become sufficient within a week


    that leaves 1 week of vegetative growth before launching plants into early flowering. this is doable (like an extreme sog method), but will yield very little per plant

    ghetto: if you have 5-10 seeds your willing to blow for minimal return, go for it. otherwise, your gonna need to get a few extra weeks in there to competently veg it to a managable size
  5. gainesvillegreen

    gainesvillegreen Registered+

    Even if you tried to flower your plant when it was one week old, it would not flower. A plant will not flower until it is ready, and that is weeks into vegetative growth. So unless you find a four-week flowering strain, no.
  6. dejayou30

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    Growing is not about the final destination, its about the journey.
  7. KL4D4

    KL4D4 Registered+

    Check out c99 pretty fast flowering period
  8. Ghettoguy

    Ghettoguy Registered+

    I love u

    Thanks everyone for your input, I'll give it a try...
  9. SAtown

    SAtown Registered

    Oh yes they can!

    I am no novice gardener. Let me put it this way, if the plant were growing outdoors, in the early spring or late summer, it would have 12/12 or close from its sprout stage on. This is the fastest flowering method possible, also it is a natural way that some plants grow outdoors already. Some strands do better with a longer light period, but they will still flower much quicker w/o a 24 veg cycle at all. I usually veg for a week, bend, trim, and shape my plants to fit the desired growspace (btw: I only use compact flourescents too) then I flower them. Some start wiithin a week, others take about a month, but I also use random seeds so some end up being males, which I then remove. I have one indica strain that hasn't been planted for even a month yet, and it already has 8 flowers budding:smokin:
    So, 12/12 the whole time will keep the plants smaller and get them to flower faster producing about 1/2 - 2/3 the possible yield. I can harvest in two months or so, but you will still need a couple weeks or at least 10 good drying days to remove all of that nasty chlorophyl.
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  10. SAtown

    SAtown Registered

    Cheap Mylar

    Oh, and another tip for all us gardeners on a budget, instead of mylar, grab some of that shiny plastic gift-wrap they make now. The inside is almost the same as mylar and way, way cheaper. It's just as reflective.:thumbsup:
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  11. maspino1

    maspino1 Registered+

    i flowered my lowryder and harvested at 8. i think it's possible, you just wont' get lots unless you use hid (unlike me)
  12. DoYouEvenToke

    DoYouEvenToke Registered+

    In my opinion,
    Absolute waste of seeds.
    No matter what way you look at it.

    Advise against even trying

    Have some patience.
    Wait until a time where you can give the seeds like 4-5 months, at least.
    You will be smiling bigger at the end.
    And for longer ;)
  13. Shallow Hal

    Shallow Hal Registered+

    ok guys heres my opinion , 9 weeks can only be done from clones and not from seeds. over the years i have used soil , coco and ended up using NFT hydro . the Hydro gave me quicker growing plants and normally after just 2 weeks of 18/6 vegging i would switch them over to 13/11. from that point it normally took the most of another 21 days for the plants to show hairs. i have rarely had strains that have ment to be finished in 8 weeks that actually have... more like 9/10 weeks to finish it properly. the quickest from seed u can look at is 11/12 weeks. clones are different tho as the are coming of a matured plant therefore they will show hairs in anything from 8/14 days. btw i used 2x600 watt hps from seed to harvest.
  14. Ryanzeus

    Ryanzeus Registered+

    No time

    I know this question drives experienced growers crazy but I'm sorry I have no other choice. I am leaving the country in a month and a half for good. I have tried a few grows recently but failed at one point or another. This plant however is growing great (miles better than anything I've ever grown). It is 34 days old (from sprouting) and a week into flowering. Is there any way I can speed up the flowering process so I can atleast taste(or in this case smoke) victory for once. Any advice would be really appreciated - happy smoking.:smokin:

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