Fastest growing weed???

Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by Weykent743, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. Weykent743

    Weykent743 Registered

    im going to be growing indoors and i am looking for fast growing weed that stays small. also any suggestions on how to clear the odor im growing in the garage.. thanks
  2. KanMan

    KanMan Registered+

    Check out the Kannabis Genetics Strain Guides @

    Use a activated carbon filter to filter odors of the air before it gets exhuasted to the outside.

    Good Growing!
  3. GoDoFwEEd

    GoDoFwEEd Registered

    same here how do i keep it short with buds
  4. MVilleToker

    MVilleToker Registered+

    godofweed i no u already have thread ..plz dont ask questions on sum1 elses thread
  5. GoDoFwEEd

    GoDoFwEEd Registered

    i was just fuckin readin and i came to the same thing i was about to ask
  6. Weykent743

    Weykent743 Registered

    as far as the activated carbon filter goes.. that will contain the smell and it isnt electrical right?
  7. spliffmcbong

    spliffmcbong Registered

    early flowerers

    you need an indica to grow quickly . will flower in 6/8 weeks . to keep plants short start them on flowering cycle after 3 weeks vegetive , this should keep them about 3 feet tall
  8. KanMan

    KanMan Registered+

    You need to pull or push air through the carbon with a fan and exhaust it out side the grow. The fan is electrical.

    Good Growing!
  9. marijuanaking420

    marijuanaking420 Registered

    grow somw white widow great igh well its preatygood plus is grow quick tops ood and so on its the ideal begginers plant peace
  10. llamaman666

    llamaman666 Registered+

    get lowriderz, fastest shorters growing strain. starts flwoering in DAYS from germination, automaticly, ready for HARVEST in 8 to 9 weeks, look at it in marc emerys or guerrila.
  11. Purge

    Purge Registered+

    where can i find lowriderz?
  12. The Student

    The Student Registered+


    The correct name of the strain is Lowryder.

    -You can purchase it from Go to there seedbank section and then look under Joint Doctors section. You can also get hybrids of lowryder from the same site under MDanzigs section.

    -JointDoctor is the creator of Lowryder. Mdanzig is kind of the guru of Lowryder hybrids.

    -Here is a link to a wealth of knowledge concerning Lowryder.

    -Lowryder came onto the seen with a ton of speculation, but has proven that it will have a grasp (size is to be determined) on the growing community for years to come.

    If you need any other help with lowryder please just let me know. I have been following this plant since it first made its debut over at

    Hope this post helps.

  13. llamaman666

    llamaman666 Registered+

    thanks for da corection student, joint doctors breed em. several places got em. go to marc emery, guerilla, or jus look it up on google. if ur looking for a fast harvest, this is defnitly the way too go. but beware, the cheapest pack ive seen is 80 bux for ten seeds, but its worth it. very wide buds.
  14. The Student

    The Student Registered+


    Lowryder is sold for 40$ U.S. curency at They are strait from the Joint Doctor.

    Take care

  15. llamaman666

    llamaman666 Registered+

    o shit, best price ive seen/
  16. The Student

    The Student Registered+

    Yeah, Marco, the guy who runs the site does it strictly for medicinal purposes so there is no profit margin he just wants to get good genetics out to people who need them. He is a good person.

    Check out MDanzigs crosses also. They are more potent then strait LR and have good autoflowering percentages.


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