fat ass nug of some chronic

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by pinky27, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. pinky27

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    i just picked up on this stuff, looks really good and is extremely stinky, i had a half in 2 bags, in a sock, and in my dresser and it still managed to make my room reek of tasty ganhja.

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  2. ChiefSmokesAlot

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    Have fun. :pimp:
  3. FlyGuyOU

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    yum yum
  4. Droplet

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    lol nice dude.
  5. i have 2 oz's of some shit that looks EXACTLY like that. i almost fell out of my chair when i saw the pics. I was told the name of this bud is called Citri kinda like citruis but with some fruity twist or smothing i dunno, whats in a name ya know?
  6. JstUseDaBong

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    Yeah that bud rocks i have some as well,i was in austin this weekend yall have the best bud,im down on padre the bud sucks!
  7. thNk.m0rbid

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    nice bud pinky.. too bad i have no access to that kind of bud in maryland.. how's the high like?? nice buds:jointsmile:
  8. thechief69

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    Why do you guys care about so many different names of different strains, I mean he already bought it so just smoke it. If it's dank then it's dank, don't try and ID your buds over the internet. Don't take that as in don't post pics, I LOVE SEEING PICTURES OF WEED, I just hate when people post it and say it is something and you don't really have a clue if it actually is that strain unless it is something obvious like white widow which would have tons of trichomes all over it or blueberry or something along those lines. But blue color I thought was also caused from cold growing temps? (Correct me if I am wrong)
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  9. Too bad your state doesn't have medical marijuana, what a shame. Nor is it decriminalized.

    Too bad your wrong his state is decriminalized. Just recently actually. Anyway in my opinion your both being 5 year olds. I could care less if ur smokin og-kush all day every day you still argue over the internet like little bitches.
  10. thNk.m0rbid

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    owned, LOL
  11. thechief69

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    What are you talking about?

    Texas - Not decriminalized nor is there medical marijuana

    Oregon - Decriminalized and there is medical marijuana

    That's all I said and if you lack the comprehension to understand that then that's you're problem. I don't know where you are getting that Oregon isn't and Texas is, Oregon has been since the seventies and I'm pretty sure it was one of the first states to be decriminalized if not the first. Oh and since you obviously don't know what your talking about here are a few sources.

    Oregon Laws
    Oregon - NORML
    Texas Laws
    Texas - NORML

    Once again, don't be such an ass about a subject you obviously don't know about.
  12. pinky27

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    haha, i totally forgot about this thread. umm, i dont know the strain actually, the guy i get it from isnt really familiar with strains and what not. but, that does sound right because this stuff i have right now is extremely fruity smelling, and has an intense "upper" high. its extremely nice, only a few puffs get you pretty stoned for a while. but, i posted some new pics up, check the other thread : http://boards.cannabis.com/cannabis-pictures/142695-12-gs-bomb.html#post1740836

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