fat joints vs thin joints

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by budbuddy420, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. budbuddy420

    budbuddy420 Registered

    usually when i get a 20 sac i can roll either 2 fat joints or 3-4 smaller joints , ive had this discussion wiht a few buddys and everyones got different opinions what do u guys think do u feel higher when smoking more joints but same amount of weed.
  2. blueburyboy

    blueburyboy Registered+

    big fat buss heads

    why make thin ones thats a sin weed should be smoked like bob did:Rasta:
  3. Zcomp

    Zcomp Registered+

    Reputable science shows that only 3-4 hits is all thats necessary to saturate your blood with THC(get high). I always roll small ones for myself and medium size with friends.
  4. blueburyboy

    blueburyboy Registered+

    reputable science mean shit the only way is to try your selfe life is all about balls if you dont have the and your a man then your realy fucked
  5. Zcomp

    Zcomp Registered+

    I won't argue the importance of science. But in my own experience, if you need more than 3-4 good hits, your smoking crap.
  6. JstUseDaBong

    JstUseDaBong Registered+

    Well put:jointsmile:
  7. Rapidfire187

    Rapidfire187 Registered+

    That's all you can roll with a 20 sack? I can roll 2 good sized joints with a $5 sack...

    You're either getting some good shit or you're being ripped off.

    To answer you question though, I prefer to roll small joints if I'm smoking alone. Sometimes I'll roll a big one for myself, but I usually don't smoke it all in one sitting, I just do it so I don't have to roll another little one later. When smoking with other people I roll a nice fat one...I like to impress my friends, AND get us both fucked up.
  8. GrassMaster

    GrassMaster Banned

    I have found that bigger joints burn off too fast sending more smoke into the air (and being wasted) after each toke than smaller ones. I have foung that if a big one is desired roll it spliff style(cone) for best burning, otherwise a few smaller bones is best, in my book.

    usually when i get a 20 sac i can roll either 2 fat joints or 3-4 smaller joints -quote
    Do you know how much weight is in one of those $20's? Everyone's idea of a fatty is different. Some people call .5 grammers a fatty, while others call that a pinner, and 1.5 grams is a fatty. If your getting $20 grams 2-3 joints is about right (proper size for me).

  9. Zcomp

    Zcomp Registered+

    I used to get 20 sacs of reggie that were a 1/5 of an O($120/O). that was in northern mass. I understand that the farther north you go, the more you pay for reggie and the less you pay for good($250-300/O).
  10. Squiggle

    Squiggle Registered+

    I agree 100% on this comment.
  11. BudGrower

    BudGrower Registered+

    Small joints is preferable because less wasted smoke between tokes. This new SuperSkunk shit I just harvested is soooo powerful that I don't use my water pipe. I roll a tiny joint with about 3/4 inch margin on each end. Then I cut it in half with a sizzors, right in the middle. Each half has at least 3 big tokes which is more than enough to kick my ass. I save the other half for the next day.
  12. budbuddy420

    budbuddy420 Registered

    2 fat joints = 2 grammers and 3-4 is .5-.7 to me .5 is a pinner joint but i agree that to my self i rather roll a pinner and wiht buddys roll fattys and blunts
  13. linearvermin

    linearvermin Registered+

    Agreed, however, if you want to get REALLY high, which i always do with friends...then we roll a 2g blunt of some bubba kush. Its a killer blunt...and my friends quit about 3/4 the way through and i get the rest to myself which is always nice.
  14. Ganjaboy14

    Ganjaboy14 Registered

    yea its possible to get high with 3-4 hits, but who wants to stay that high? Roll a fattie, pass it around, get blitzed, be happy.
  15. DaZeDShAdOw

    DaZeDShAdOw Registered+

    ide say skinny joints, the fat ones are kind of a waste if your smoking by yourself but thats just my opinion.
  16. BigDros

    BigDros Registered

    alot you guys are tight with your weed and obviously noob smokers 3-4 hits lmao, fat spliffs anytime dont smoke little spliffs and only smoke decent bud 2 not regs or wateva
  17. linearvermin

    linearvermin Registered+

    A nice fat joint of some bubba kush is good for about 4 people to get really high...gota love fat joints! :Rasta:
  18. Rapidfire187

    Rapidfire187 Registered+

    I prefer thinner joints, they burn easier IMO and I end up getting higher. With a fat joint I end up feeling like I wasted a lot of the weed.
  19. Schoolboy1

    Schoolboy1 Registered

    skinny are better u dont waste da weed



    stay in outer space for life!:S5:
  20. Malsor

    Malsor Registered+

    i roll thin blunts. i can roll 3 blunts with a gram. better then rolling the whole gram cuz you still get high.

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