Fauquier County - Anyone out there?

Discussion in 'Virginia (VA)' started by NJtoVAguy, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. NJtoVAguy

    NJtoVAguy Registered

    Howdy Virginia!

    Im 27 year old dude moved out here from NJ, been here for 3 months and im tired of talking to the walls :-(

    I work alot in DC so im always driving all over the place, why i live out here i couldn't tell ya. Looking for some friends or just a chat. If your anywhere from here to there drop me a line!
  2. NJtoVAguy

    NJtoVAguy Registered

    yup yup yup yup awha
  3. NJtoVAguy

    NJtoVAguy Registered

    damn guess not.....
  4. IncipientSmile

    IncipientSmile Registered

    who da man?

    looking for some. email me
  5. zsolti

    zsolti Registered

    I live out here

    looking for friends.
  6. trapcat1125

    trapcat1125 Registered

    I live out in fauquier

    5403083037 text me, the name is brent, if u tryn 2 chill let me know, ite

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