Fed up with edibles not working

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by rsjrv99, Oct 2, 2010.

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    Now i'm a man with plenty of bud to go around for ages, so i'll try anything it takes to get edibles to work, and I can't beleive they havent so far. I don't use dank for the butter, only high headies, but that really shouldn't matter. Here's what i've done so far

    4x Firecrackers
    Oven to 320F, powdered bud mixed in with natural pb + butter mix between 2 crackers, cook for 22 minutes. Didn't work for anyone that I ate them, and I made them 4 separate times

    Bring water to boil, add 1 stick of butter, add 3.5g bud, 15g ABV, 15g stems and crap, turn to low heat. Simmer on low heat for 3 hours, strain then into fridge to seperate. This worked a little, split the stick between 4 people (in brownies), 2 of whom didn't feel anything.

    Bud Ramen
    Bring water to boil, add half stick of butter, add 1.3G of bud, simmer on low-med heat for 1.5 hours, add noodles and eat. No effect

    I don't understand why I am failing so hard with this. I've done hours and hours of research on how to make this stuff, but nothing has worked. I think it may be something like:
    -Oven temperature is either too high/low, destroying or not activating THC
    -Cooked the butter too long, destroyed THC

    I'm definetely using enough bud, and it's good bud, but still nothing. Everything I do looks EXACTLY like the pictures i've been looking at. The cannabutter even came out pretty green. I may try boiling instead of simmering but I've read mixed thoughts on that. Any help is appreciated, I really want to get into edibles.

    I'm going to try Bob's recipe next, (Cannabis Butter / CannaButter Recipes) which calls for simmering for ~22 hours, will report results...
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  2. drudown11

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    try using better weed
  3. McLuvin

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    Dude, I feel your pain!!! I have tried every kind of edible out there and nothing. Even stuff that makes other people rocket to space does nothing for me. So far the only thing I found that it does is make my buzz last longer when I smoke.
  4. rsjrv99

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    That isn't the problem

    The thing is, the batches i've made haven't gotten any of the 4 people effects, or at least not more than a little effect, so unless we are all just somewhat immune to it, which I doubt, then it must be something wrong with my preparation
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    smoke a little and eat a little u wont lose
  7. DrWalter

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    keys are
    good weed
    real butter and not margarine/country crock type stuff
    grind MJ real fine
    take your time do not rush it crock pots work great as long as you dont get it to hot
  8. ssdematt

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    I think it could be something with the way your body is absorbing cannabinoids...some people absorb drugs better than others. I know liver function affects serum levels of prescription drugs, so why not THC as well? So given the fact that cannabinoids are often metabolized by the liver, I could see how it's function could affect how much/how little psychoactive affect you get from ingesting oral THC...I made a batch of tea that me and a friend split...I got tore up...he said he didn't feel hardly anything....it has to be differences in metabolism....
  9. STIMPY21

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    Try eating some lethicin gelcaps a day or 2 before consuming or if a regular user just take one a day, see if that doesn't help. I'm thining your temp may be a little high as ovens vary you need to measure in the weed/pb/oil ect mixture. It realy can get you super high, don't give up.
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  10. ky1956

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    Tincture ?

    Follow the Master Wu green dragon recipe, then ingest a teaspoon on an empty stomach. Wait 1 hr and start smoking. If that doesn't work, quit trying.
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  11. croncrystal420

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    I cook marijuana edibles for patients and dispensaries. What you need to do is dry activate your marijuana in a glass pan in the oven at 220 degrees for fifteen minutes, this dry activation is completely necessary for the THC to be activated. Then you need a coffee grinder to grind the dried bud or leaf or trim that your using into a fine powder. then to make butter use 1/4 oz of dried smokable bud or trim or leaf (weigh it before dry activating) per 1/2 cup of butter or any kind of oil, grind it up, get a double boiler and double boil it on about medium heat do not let the bottom pan get dry, double boil for at least a half hour but no more than 3 hours, stirring occasionally then after its cooled enough to be able to handle without burning yourself strain it threw cheesecloth, you will have perfect cannabis butter or oil. I personally extract for 3 hours, it comes out incredible let me know how it works out
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  12. Dippers

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    Weird man... guess just try using a different strain or something with higher potency?
  13. hemptations

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    bolded the problem. your burning your butter
  14. PassTheBLoad

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    make sure bud is grinding into flour like consistancy. Firecrackers work awesome id say cook longer if you arent getting high from it. i use nutella and crackers with a high fat content and it worked perfect. The nutella should get hard like the center of an oreo and the cracker should be browned but not burnt. You preheating the oven right?
  15. GetThisOrDie

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    I havent had an edible that has worked for me. Last time I tried I made firecrackers and the other two people that ate one were on cloud 9. I ate 3 and nothing lol.
  16. JohnyBlaze420

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    I Think your cooking the firecrackers too long,
    i agree, you should probably use nutella instead of peanut butter. or a peanut butter with an insane amount of fat content.

    Also mix the powdered bud and nutella/peanutbutter together in a bowl and microwave it for 10-15 seconds. ( NO LONGER )
    This should start the activation procces of the thc.

    THAN spread on whatever you want cook it in to oven(325-345) until the nutella/peanutbutter looks glossy. ( No longer than 10 minutes, any longer and the only thing that is getting high is your oven:thumbsup:


    YOur cooking too little butter... for too long.
    If you say your " a man with plenty of bud to go around for ages, so i'll try anything it takes to get edibles to work "

    Than take 1 1/2 sticks to 2 sticks of butter(to account for any butte rlost during the cooking procces)
    , add 1/2 OZ and a gram of kief , or a whole ounce, into your butter water mixture. simmer that on low heat .....etc...

    Dont even bother with it, Just roll yourself a doobie, smoke it. Than enjoy your ramen :eat:
  17. mc1548

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    doesn't pot vape at 250? if you're cooking at 350, I would say the birds are getting all your THC
  18. rsjrv99

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    It has been a while since I posted this and I have since FIXED my problem completely.

    The problem was too low heat, and I believe this is most definitely the problem pretty much everyone is having.

    The oven at 320F meant the firecrackers only got to a core temperature of 175-190F, not hot enough.

    The double boiler method, where I used oil in a glass jar within boiling water, only got the oil to a temp of about 160-180F, not hot enough.

    None of these 'easy' edible methods work or are at all worth it in any way. Save your product.

    Here's my "how-to" that I have perfected over the last few months, NEVER HAVE HAD A FAILED BATCH.

    You will need
    -Coconut oil
    -Laser Infared Thermometer ($15)

    1. Oven to 225F, put ungrinded product in oven for 5-10 min.
    2. Grind while it is warm and very dry, turns into a very fine powder with minimal effort. Turn grinder upside if it has a passthrough and grind
    3. Place 1/2 cup of Coconut Oil (Best oil for this, pure saturated fat, MCT and NO water) in pan and turn to low heat
    4. Allow coconut oil to melt (76F), then dump powdered product into oil and stir

    --Important Stage--

    This part is fairly important, and if you want to do it right you will NEED a laser infared thermometer. Not a candy thermometer, or an oven thermometer, you need something that can read temperature accurately at a needle point, you will not be able to submerge regular thermometers deep enough for proper readings.

    My stove's dial goes from "LO - 2 - 3...7 - 8 - HI", I use settings 2-6 for this process at specific times. Remember to take temperatures often and stir. I included my reasoning to the steps.

    5. Heat oil slowly to 175-190F, allow to sit for 30minutes (Activate THC, remove acid, water vapor releases)
    6. Raise temperature to 210-230F, allow to sit for at least 30 minutes.
    7. Raise temperature to 315-330F for 5 minutes (A small heat 'shock' will help melt any resin heads, I believe this step is the absolute most important)
    8. Lower temperature to 230-250F, allow to sit for another hour
    9. Lower temperature to 175F and allow to sit for any period of time, 15min or 24 hours, does not matter, although longer will produce a more pronounced couch lock effect
    10. Make brownies in oven at 300F, consume 0.5g worth
    11. Wait 2 hours, sky high for rest of night

    NOTE: If you don't have a thermometer, you can use this method, although it will not be as reliable. Add water (1/4 cup to a 1/2 cup of oil) and when you see it begin to boil you can assume the solution is around 200-212F, since water boils at 212F and cannot exceed 212F. Then adjust your dial accordingly, turn it down and see where it stops boiling, and slowly increase it (giving 5 min inbetween each very small turn) to see where it stops boiling and where it begins boiling. You can use this as your temperature guide, when I personally did it the dial was on 3 and very minute changes +/- would make it boil/stop boiling.

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  19. mc1548

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    Making Canabutter

    I've been doing Mine the lazy way. I put 1 pound of butter into a pot of water, get it to a rolling boil, put in 1 ounce of finely ground Bud and let it boil for about two hours. The boiling point will never go above 212° so I don't even have to bother watching it. But I always wonder about the temperature being too low. Take a look at this attached chart, if I'm reading it correctly, to get the most out of your Bud it says to cook it for seven minutes at 293°. That's 81° above the 212 Boiling point of water if that chart is correct? I'm not sure if it Is. The chart is telling me to get the oil or butter at exactly 293° and cook it for only seven minutes and I assume cooling it down ASAP? I'm always open for ways to get the most out of my Bud.

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  20. rsjrv99

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    You do need to get the temperature higher than boiling water 212F, it wasn't until I started getting the oil up into the low 300s for 5-10 minutes that I started to really get the potency out. I tihnk you need to get the temp up to there to help completely melt the resin heads, since they may not melt very well at 212F and THC's vaporization point is a much higher 392F

    What you can do is allow the water to evaporate by simply continuously boiling it and then once it stops boiling just let the oil sit for 10 minutes (on medium-low) so that the temperature goes up to ~300F for a little bit. Although you will not be sure what the actual temp is, and if it jumps into the 400+ since the oil is is a thin film in the pan, then youll destroy the product (and possibly start fire). This is why a laser infared thermometer is important. Yes that graph seems correct and makes sense to my theory
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