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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by xrayx, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. xrayx

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    hi ppl
    ive just taken 10 clones from one of my famale plants, wat i want to know is should i be waterin it with the same strength solution i was giving the female i took them from or weaker, or should i be giving them just plain water like seedling for the first few weeks.
    any advice would be handy

  2. busteruk7

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    no m8 for the first 3 weeks you should give them just water and maybe some type of rooting stimulant
    cheers all :)
  3. LIP

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    No advice for me to give, some im gunner say i love you, and i defiantly love you buster, and im going to go and smoke some more weed, because i can, and my lowryder hav sprouted and my idian skunk plant is inside again and i got as much k2 as a could ever want. I love everything about life. :) Live life to the fucking full! Smoke whenever you can, and if someone tells yuo differnt, stub your joint in their head and carry on tokin. Cannabis is the world. Without it life wouldnt be life.

    I love cannabis :) I love all people who love cannabis. I am fucked :))

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