Feeding Schedule With Canna Terra

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by tristan1986, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. tristan1986

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    Hey guys,

    Basically i have a mate joining me and having a go at the green arts :)
    Just have a few basic questions to help him along the road.

    He will be using Canna Terra grow medium and will be feeding with the canna classic range, how ofter should it recieve a nutrient feeding? Also how often should he be flushing aswell?

    Any tips and tricks from anyone in the know that can be of assistance?

    Thanks heaps guys!
  2. bigtopsfinn

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    I used Canna Terra Vega and Canna Terra Flores for my grows, but not their soil. I did Feed-Feed-Water, then repeat. Only time I got into trouble was overusing the Plagron PK9/10. Just gotta remember that different plants from seed, even if they are the same strain, may have different needs.
  3. sarley

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    I also uses Terra flores and using Feed-Feed-Water. 2,5ml/L but I dont know if it´s too little... the plandt are 6w old AF.
  4. rattlingdags

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    Hi there
    I was just looking at the Canna range myself and found their feeding chart. It tells when to feed at what week of growth. I've attached it here in case its useful for you guys.

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  5. sarley

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    yes I have seen that, but not how often. Is it by week? or every time you water?
  6. rattlingdags

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    Yes frequency is not clear on the chart, but I was intending to use the nutes just once a week and furthermore not at full strength - more like half and just see how they go.
    I've not used them yet though and I'm hoping to let my soil do most of the feeding so may not use Canna much anyways. Just playing it by ear - or by leaf - in our case.

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