Female or Hermie?? Calyxes or Balls?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by 420somewhere, Jul 16, 2006.

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    Alright well I am a little concerned and confused regarding one of my babies. It showed hairs and I was dead on that it was a female. It just finished its first week of flowering and it looks like the flowers are starting to form somewhat, moreso on this particular plant than the other female. It is a slightly different plant from the other one (this one must be a hybrid and the other one is real sativa dominant) . They flowers forming have hairs...theyre kind of a pinkish color, more pink than white which is what the other plant's hairs are.

    But I am seeing what looks like big ass balls almost. I think they may just be big ass calyxes and not ball sacks. I picked a few off and kind of open them up and inspect them...when you squished them between your finger a white liquid came oozing out. Not yellow powder.

    Any ideas??

    I know pics will probably help and I will try and get some when I can nab the camera from my brother!!!
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    i think i may be having the same thing hapening to me...
    my plants are forming little balls at the bases of the stems but my plant has been flowering for like 3 weeks now.
    i figured out that when i pull and tug on the leaves to tuck them away so they dont touch the lights, i damage the plant at the node a little bit and those balls are healing scars...
    Does that sound like what you have?
  3. 420somewhere

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    Could be?? I cover the two plants up for about 3-4 hours a day with plastic trash bags inside my barn, tucked away, to force them to flower a little early (outside). Maybe its from the bag resting on the plants?? Hope this is it!!

    Buuut...it's really just a possibility and I don't know if this is my deal...hopefully Ill get pictures up tomorrow for a definite answer...If I can get some good pics of what I am talking about!!
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    doesnt sound like thats your case... i used to really tug on her leaves and pull them far because i was trying to make them reach the restraints...
    i dont know if it was a big mistake, but definately i mistake..

    therefore, you would have to be roughing her leaves up quite a bit to consider that which it doesnt sound like your doing.

    are the balls starting to hang down? do they look like little grapes?
    waiting for pictures....
  5. 420somewhere

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    Im about 90% sure it's hermie. Blasphemy...

    I'll go take a pic...
  6. 420somewhere

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    Finally, I got off my lazy ass and took some pics!!

    The first 3 are of the possible/probable/I think it is hermie. The next two are of the pure fem Sativa dominant plant I am flowering. This is is my first grow ever. I had 3 in my crop that were about a month older than the rest of my babies and they were going to be way toooo big so I am forcing them to flower outside. 1 was a definite male...the herm showed hairs first so I kept it, now Im pretty sure it's a herm though? And 1 was a pure fem.... And I have 8 smaller babies as well, they'll end up a bit over 3 feet hopefully.

    And yes, I know there's yellow leaves on my fem. I fed her some Vigoro All Purpose Plant Food (15-30-15) at half dose with dissolved Bone Meal (1 tsp) and Epsom Salts (1 tsp) in it as well...but the new growth and flowers are looking great!! I topped this plant 2 on what would have been the main cola and I topped all the bigger brances...it doubled the shoots each time I topped and now I have 12 main brances on that plant!! But I am a wee bit concerned about the yellow so early and any advice I would appreciate :thumbsup:

    These plants have been flowering for 1 week and 3 days

    herm01.jpg herm02.jpg herm03.jpg fem01.jpg femtop.jpg

    PS: Sorry, but that's the best I could do taking pics! A lot of pics I thought I was going to post were way too fuzzy. And the bud shot of my Sativa Fem is my new background :dance: Until I take a pic of 'em when they fatten up :pimp:
  7. XroadsterX

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    That is 100% hermie....i just went through the same problem....i just pulled all the balls off every morning and hoped i got them all. Once you pluck them, they wont grow from the same place again, but it gets hard to find them once the buds get too dense. If you look at my post, "few days away from harvest, and need more instructions"...those 3 pics are of my hermie....i'm sure she'll have a few seeds, but i did do a good job of getting most of them off....and look how nice she turned out.
  8. iwantFUEGO

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    nice, is the fifth picture 1 plant?
  9. hersheykisses

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    new plants

    I have a friend that has 2 plants and we are trying to figure out if they are male or female. The first pic doesnt have any balls on it and is looking healthy but we dont know what it is. The second pic has little balls that look like seeds on it, as u can clearly see. The last pic is of both plants and their height. When I squeezed one pf the balls a little white flower came out. When I squeezed another, clear liquid came out. I have enclosed some pic to see if you can let me know which is which. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    This is a nearly three year old thread that you're threadjacking here... regardless, that second picture looks VERY male and the other pics aren't tight enough to tell much
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    kisses, maybe you should read the rules before you post. you will get faster answers if you post in the appropriate section and start your own thread!

    threadjacking = posting in someone's thread trying to get your own answers or posting some other random crap, not contributing to the thread (the topic is listed above).

    not only is this frowned upon but it can/will eventually get you banned.

    now, go start your own thread in the appropriate section.


    420, looks herm to me. good luck picking all of the balls off. are you sure the trashbag that you are using is 100% light proof?


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