Female Preflower?!

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by norkali, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. norkali

    norkali Registered

    This is a female preflower right?! There's a small green hair coming out......

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  2. TheGanjaKing420

    TheGanjaKing420 Registered+

    Maybe, but it sorta just looks like a leaf to me. Give it a couple more days.
  3. that could be new growth and not a preflower, how old is the plant, have you changed to 12/12.....i have found that instead of risking all my females that are in flower to just left them veg longer and they will eventually show you during veg if they are male or female.....this keeps my female flowering plants virgin's.......never seeing a penis except for mine.... LOL
  4. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    Kinda looks like a male to me. Since there's already a leaf and a secondary stem at that node, the likelihood of that being a new leaf is slim to none.
  5. TheGanjaKing420

    TheGanjaKing420 Registered+

    I had to give him some sort of hope. But yeah, it really does resemble a testicle.
  6. norkali

    norkali Registered

    Ahh no worries! If this was a female then I'd have 4/4 females. I'm kind of glad this is a male....1 plant leaving will provide the perfect amount of space for the remaining ladies to finish out. Thank you guys.
  7. Benjihad

    Benjihad Registered

    why do you show your plants your penis?
  8. Gundari

    Gundari Registered+

    We grow these things specifically so they can give us their all then kill them. I think they atleast deserve to see the peen once or twice before they die.
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  9. norkali

    norkali Registered

    Day 37 veg. Definitely a preflower, I just need what sex it is. C99 is supposed to always show preflowers, the other 3 have shown their female preflowers for sure. The green hair is throwin' me off though.

    :wtf: hahaha.

    Edit: No Shit!! That was a FEMALE preflower. I JUST checked and it is now a small white pistils sticking straight out. I found another on the node below as well.
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  10. norkali

    norkali Registered

    Damn! 4/4 are female! :jointsmile:
  11. TheGanjaKing420

    TheGanjaKing420 Registered+

    I'm pretty sure that the hairs are always white, up until they begin to die and turn brown. I don't think they start out being green, at least to my knowledge anyways.
  12. norkali

    norkali Registered


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  13. TheGanjaKing420

    TheGanjaKing420 Registered+

    I'll be god damned. I guess I've never been able to see them when they're that small. Damn blurry eyes....
  14. GDS StonerBoy

    GDS StonerBoy Registered+

    OMFG!!!!! I think i just made a boo boo!!! I had a skunk #1 that had a preflower that looked just like that and i thought it was a male so i frickin put it outside and i was gonna let it flower there. I checked it two days later and something dug a hole in the dirt all they way to the bottom of the pot and even chewed a few leaves but the plant is still intact! Anyway though i could've just put that plant in the flowering room and waited to see if it was a female but i just put outside and now its ruined! From now on im gonna start getting a better look at my plants before i just chunk them out!
  15. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Banned

    lol, stupid move.

    the time from seeing the testes to thier opening is over a week, and can EASILY be drawn into 3-5 weeks if you just crush em as they get too big every 2-3 days.

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