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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Weedologist, Jan 1, 2012.

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    Has anyone ever heard of a female plant that turns totally male? I had a plant that was in veg, had taken clones from, then flowered it out only to have it turn male. After 2 sessions of cloning finally flowering the mother it turned male. All the clones were female, then the third set of clones turned male, along with the mother plant itself. It was never pollinated by any male plants, and the photoperiod was only changed to make it flower.
  2. DogtowN

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    I can honestly say, I have NEVER seen that. :what:

    Would love to see a pic, but anyway, what is the strain? Are the genetics known to be stable?
    I HAVE seen plants with tendencies to hermi rather severely in mid flower, but never seen one totally switch teams. :wtf:
    Maybe too much stress? Did you take a lot of cuts from the mom?

    Sounds pretty bizarre.
    Wish I had more for ya!
  3. GaGrown

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    I would say there were more male than female flowers on the plant when you took the cuttings. You actually took the cutting from a hermie and did'nt realize... You'll see a female flower way before you see a male flower creepin' in on the action just to ruin all your efforts.

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    @dogtown...its a indica strain...the plant had no stress to it what so ever that's why i'm kind of stomped myself and i took maybe 6-8 cuttings from it before it decided to get a sex change on me..lol
    @ gagrown the plant was 100% female so how would i have taken a cutting from a hermie?? that seems impossible to me in my book. all my other females still have tits and just that 1 plant decided that he wanted nuts for the new years i guess...

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    now to clarify, either you got it as clone, you grew it out from seed and kept your female mom, or you had female seeds and expected 100% female. in the first two instances hormone inducing feed additives can do all sorts of weird stuff not mention a dishonest person selling bogus stock. in the last case maybe you found a .1% variance that happened to be male. like getting a girl pregnant whislt using a condom...it happens. the other thing and im leaning towards this, it got up when your were sleeping and got a sex change:(
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  6. GaGrown

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    I really don't know how experienced you are at growing... But those male flowers can be hidden.. Appearing when you least expect them to.

    When a female turns male.. It's called a hermie. Both types of flowers.You have stressed it somehow.. Heat,light leak even underwatering will cause one to stress to the point of hermming.

    I won't argue! 100% female? That in my book is a female.. 100% female with male flowers is a hermie. STRESS related.

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  7. darthcannabis

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    GA's right I had to pull one of my girls 50 or so days into flower when she started poppin pollen sacs straight from her cylaxs. I understand they do that in an attempt to "self" because they fear they'll die having not recived any pollen. Its tho goal of life to reproduce, and there doing their damndest to shed seeds and continue their line, creating fat sticky seedless buds for you to smoke is not the plants' main concern.
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    darth... We've all had this happen at one time or another.. I know it's happened to me.. Otherwise I woulda just scrolled past this post. My comments were in an effort to help. Only because I know. It happened to me! You ain't never seen somebody get rid of plants so fast. Lightspeed!

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    Hermies not welcome

    Nothing sucks more than putting work into tending to a plant with detailed attention and you find out, once it reaches maturity, that it's a male.

    Chalk it up to a right of passage as a grower... now you have one more piece of knowledge to apply to future grows. Smoke a bowl, clone some girls, and
    root em up.
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