Fertilizer burn? What to do.

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by greenthmb, May 20, 2010.

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    I know that some of these questions can be answered by reading the FAQs. But some of the info I have been reading regarding fertilizing and what to do for over fertilizing is conflicting. Makes it hard for a newbie to differentiate right & wrong when troubleshooting! I would like expert opinions...

    I gave my outdoor plants Fox Farm Big Bloom & Grow Big for the first time 2 days ago. They are in vegetative state, and I gave the fertilizer exactly as directed on the bottle. I even read the feeding schedule, and read info on the website, just to be sure I was doing it properly. The next day they were lighter green in color, and the very tips of the leaves (not the entire edge, just tips) were yellow/burnt looking. I don't think it was heat damage, as it was only a high of 65 degrees yesterday.
    I am guessing they didn't take too well to the nutes... The only thing I can think of is that perhaps I watered too close to the stalk..?
    Should I give the nutes another shot next time they're due, just at a lower concentration? Or should I get different nutes?
    Also, should I water them again to dilute the nutes in the soil? I am afraid of over watering them...
    Any help is appreciated. Happy growing :)
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    Well man has the nute burn got any worse?.. If not then i would not worrie about watering them again. Are they in pots or are they in tha ground?..

    OK to answer your ? no you do not need to change nutes those are pretty good ones. But the first time you ever feed your plants with nutes start out with 1/4 the strength of the recommended amount. If there are no signs of nute burn then the next feeding move up to 1/2 strength.

    If there are still no signs of nute burn after that when its time for the next feeding give them a full strength dose. If they are still growing good with no sign of nute burn afer that then you can continue feeding them with full strength nutes. good luck man i hope this helps :thumbsup::thumbsup::jointsmile:

    Oh i almost forgot if you wanna play it safe you can feed them at least 2 times a 1/4 strength before moving up to 1/2 strength. Once you move up to 1/2 strength just repeat the same thing as you did before untill you get to a full strength dose.
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    listen to the stickyman hes right, 1/4 strength is the place to start, but dnt re water it wont wash out the nutes it will just reactivate the nutes you put in, all u can is wait for the plant to use them up i.e when the soil is dry then just add plain water then start ur nute process agen at 1/4 strength...:jointsmile:

    one more thing FF big bloom is for when the plant is blooming not vegetative, it will be high in nutrients needed for flower and low in nitrogen needed to veg, try get ur hands on sum nutes with a high nitrogen value...:jointsmile:
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    Not true. Just because it's called Big "Bloom" doesn't mean it's not used in veg as well. Have you ever tried growing with just Grow Big and no Big Bloom? I have, and it doesn't work for shit. Big Bloom is part of the formula for a reason. Greenthumb, Sticky has you on the right path, keep using manufacturers formula, just lower the concentration for a while:thumbsup:
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    Your right there meant to be used together.store clerk sold me one without the other an i had nothin but problems.

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